Oral Cancer – Early Detection is Vital to Reduce Mortality

Written by Dr. Neeraj Bhaskar (BDS MAMC New Delhi), one of the best dentists in Delhi NCR. He operates his clinic in Safdarjang Enclave.

Oral cancer is a deadly disease that kills thousands of people every year. Studies and researchers estimate that only about 50% of people who get it will make it beyond five years. However, early detection of this disease can help patients reduce the risk of mortality and recover.

Danger signs

HPV virus is an important trigger for oral cancer. Cancer could appear in the oral cavity involving gums, lips, floor of the mouth, hard palate tongue, soft palate, and alveolus. You should constantly be on the lookout for symptoms that do not go away after a few days. Danger signs to look out for include a rough or sore spot that doesn’t heal, red or white patches, eroded areas, or a lump or thickening. In addition, signs of advanced cancer include hoarseness of voice, difficulty in speaking, tenderness when swallowing, numbness in the throat, and a rigid tongue. In general, you should consult dental doctor experts in Delhi if any suspicious spot in the mouth doesn’t clear up on its own or improve with a few medications.

Early detection is key

The best way to treat oral cancer is to detect it early. Once you start noticing any of the symptoms mentioned above, you must consult a dental expert online in India. The doctors might recommend taking a biopsy to confirm their suspicions. Dental patients should also ask for oral screenings.

Highly trained and experienced dentists are able to effectively detect oral cancer during the oral examination. Using special equipment, dentists can spot early signs. Early treatment plans initiated on early detection are very effective.

However, you as an individual also have a control in mitigating the risk. You can start by implementing some risk reduction measures like stopping tobacco use, imposing limits on alcohol intake and improving your diet.

Professional monitoring for people above 50 years is very important. But our modern lifestyles have plenty of bad habits. As a result, oral cancer is increasingly being noticed in people below 40 years. Improving your daily habits and early screening offer the best chance to beat this disease.

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