You Need To Stop Believing These 4 Myths About IVF

Written by Dr. Neha Jain (MBBS LHMC New Delhi, DGO LHMC New Delhi), one of the best gynaecologists in Delhi NCR.

In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is one of the most popular Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). It is used to treat infertility and help couples conceive.

But lack of understanding about the IVF treatment has given rise to a number of myths such as:

Myth #1: IVF never fails but is always successful

The success of the procedure depends on a number of factors such as quality and quantity of embryos and age. A woman’s chances of conception decrease with age. Women above 40 frequently report reduced fertility potential as well as success rate. On the other hand, women below the age of 35 have about a 41% chance of getting pregnant.

Myth #2: IVF increases your fertility levels

Instead of making you more fertile, IVF stops your natural fertility cycle. This is usually done through hormones that are taken at the beginning of the process. The aim of such an action is to essentially put an end to your natural fertility process and create in its place an artificial cycle.

Myth #3: It causes you to have triplets or twins

No, it’s not necessary for multiple births to take place if you opt for IVF. You can reduce the prospect of having twins or triplets by cutting down on the number of embryos that get inserted into the uterus.

Myth #4: IVF hormone injections make you prone to uncontrollable emotions.

In actuality, IVF hormone injections don’t cause you to suffer from out of control emotions but make you happier. This is because they come packed with the female hormone oestrogen, which produces endorphins (brain chemicals) that give you a sense of well being. The wave of emotions that you end up experiencing is a result of the stress and anxiety surrounding the success of a cycle. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert Doctor Online & get answers to your questions!

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