Covid Consultation Online

Dr Rachna Kucheria

Dr.Rachna Kucheria

MD AIIMS New Delhi
MD (Family Medicine) USC California

26+ years of experienceSpeaks Hindi, English

₹ 1200 per consultation
Dr Yogesh Jain

Dr.Yogesh Jain


30+ years of experienceSpeaks Hindi, English

₹ 800 per consultation
Dr.Rupal Rana

Dr.Rupal Rana

MBBS Mumbai University
DCH Royal College Of Physicians of Ireland

20+ years of experienceSpeaks Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati

₹ 2490 per consultation
Dr Chhavi Gupta

Dr Chhavi Gupta

MBBS SMS Medical college, Jaipur
MD Microbiology UCMS, Delhi
DM Doctorate of Infectious Diseases AIIMS, Delhi

10+ years of experienceSpeaks Hindi, English

₹ 1500 per consultation

Covid Online Consultation

Since the year 2020, the world has been facing a grave situation of COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. People across the globe are experiencing feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. In these unprecedented times, people need medical care that is safe, diligent and compassionate. DocGenie connects you to expert doctors and physicians who specializes in catering to your specific health needs. With us, you also receive a secure, private covid consultation online without leaving home. You can also contact us for teleconsultation for covid.

You can consult a Covid online consultation in case of:

  • Symptoms like fever, cold, cough, throat pain, body ache, tiredness
  • Diabetes, BP, heart conditions or co-morbidities that put people at risk of developing severe COVID-19 symptoms
  • Unexplained fatigue, chills, nausea, diarrhoea, or loss of smell or taste

You can have peace of mind and get all your doubts answered regarding COVID-19 with DocGenie and our expert team of doctors. We aim to provide you all with the best medical care and treatment. Contact us now for more details on teleconsultation for COVID-19. We provide the best covid online consultation for all.

Consult with Best Covid Specialist Doctors Online on Docgenie

COVID-19 is a viral disease caused by the novel coronavirus. It has resulted in a global pandemic and taken the lives of many people globally. As it is a highly infectious disease, people are maintaining social distancing and wearing masks to reduce the speed with which the virus spreads and are trying their best to flatten the curve. In such times, online consultation with the best covid specialist doctors can reduce the anxiety in people and help them get treated effectively.

The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to those of seasonal flu, and thus, becomes difficult for people to distinguish between them. This leaves people with many unanswered queries that cause unnecessary anxiety. DocGenie understands that people have many doubts in their unique scenarios and inhibitions to go to a crowded clinic or hospital and provides the best online consultation for covid patients. We offer bespoke online covid doctor consultation.

We are an online telemedicine platform in India, where you will be connected with the best and topmost doctors of their field, who will provide high-quality care to people all across. DocGenie is your trusted healthcare partner with the mission to make your entire medical journey easy and help you in a leading healthier and happier life. To get the best COVID-19 online consultation, contact us now. Get the best covid doctors online here

FAQs regarding Covid Care

1. How to make a quick appointment with covid doctors?

That can be done by contacting DocGenie or checking our website. We are equipped with the best team of COVID-19 specialists who treat their patients with utmost care, safety and compassion. You can book an online consultation with us.

2. How to schedule a covid online consultation?

You can do that by logging in on our website or contacting us for a COVID19 online consultation. At DocGenie, we have a panel of highly-qualified doctors who treat COVID-19 patients with great precision, care and compassion.

3. How DocGenie assist in fighting against covid 19?

The COVID-19 specialist doctors associated with us believe in communicating openly and honestly and hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. They address all the concerns and queries regarding COVID-19 and guide you with necessary care and solutions. Contact us now.

4. How Docgenie Online Consultation for Covid Positive Patients Works?

Preventive medicine indicates averting the commencement of a disease condition. In this area, general physicians do play a vital role by diagnosing a range of health conditions and offering suitable preventive measures to thwart worsening of conditions.

For people experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, an online consultation at DocGenie is just a click away. Our specialists are suitably armed to address all your concerns and queries and guide you with necessary care and solutions.