Dr.Rachna Kucheria

Dr Rachna Kucheria

General Physician

MD AIIMS New Delhi
MD (Family Medicine) USC California

26+ years of experienceSpeaks Hindi, English

License Number : DMC 46402

Video-Consultation : ₹ 1200

In-Clinic Visit :₹ 1500

Dr. Rachna Kucheria is an AIIMS & US- trained Family Physician on the lines of the old-fashioned ‘Family Doctor’. Her emphasis on early, accurate diagnosis; appropriate (few) medicines; and clear patient communication, sets her apart as one of the most trusted physicians in Delhi. She is licensed to practice medicine both in India & California and her 30+ years of experience includes practicing in the hospital, clinic and (patient) home setting, and via video consults or telemedicine. She firmly believes that many problems can be managed via a video consult and that it is a great medium to allow for access to good care, early in the journey of a problem, so that outcomes are better and less costly for the patient.

Dr. Kucheria is a second generation physician in Delhi & was raised in a family where providing care to the sick was considered a privilege. She carries on this legacy striving to provide the best, most compassionate care to patients in the safety of their own homes.

Dr Kucheria is both trained in and has experience in treating common Mental Health problems like depression, anxiety, and family stress. While psychiatrists and psychologists & counselors can play an important role in the provision of high-quality mental health care services, family physicians /GPs are the main provider of care for many patients. Most people with mental/emotional/behavioral problems will be diagnosed and treated at a family physician/GP appointment.

Dr.Rachna Kucheria

Conditions treated

Covid symptoms treatment
Lifestyle diseases like Blood Pressure and Diabetes
Respiratory infections, asthma*
Cold, URI, sinus problems
Urine infections, urine problems
Gynecological problems - itching, discharge from vagina
Diarrhea, vomiting, stomach infection
Constipation, bloating, acidity, reflux
Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and panic attacks
Geriatric or old age, elderly related problems
Thyroid, skin problems - rash, itching
Joint pains, aches and pains
Allergies - skin, upper respiratory (please note for a minority of patients -these are severe/non-responsive, very chronic - you may need an in-person assessment &/or referral to a specialist)

*as per the assessment of the Doctor