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Monthly Care Package for Single Patient

A 30 day package with a top GP for proactive, holistic care for one person

Cost of package:

Older patients or people suffering from Chronic diseases need a family physician who can understand them well and provide proactive and holistic treatment. At different times, different specialists are needed but the family physician who knows you will help bring the right ones at the right time. Such a timely and holistic care by a highly qualified family physician, helps prevent any disease or situation from getting worse and keeps you in the best possible health.

A Family Physician is a doctor for the long term. It is because of this unique aspect it is their privelege, responsibilty and common goal to work as your health champion. This then lends itself to a more wholistic approach to your care with prudent use of tests and medicines (all of which have side effects), to ensure access to a specialist, and the right one, when needed and to be your champion for that advice as well, seperating the essential from the "not needed". The family physician or the "general specialist" which is actually their job, incorporates other aspects of your life - age, mental, emotional, social aspects which have a direct bearing on your health and treatment choices.

The approach is proactive, providing anticipatory guidance over a continuum of time, versus the "episodic" & reactionary to a problem.

This package by DocGenie provides a monthly plan with a top Family Physician, Dr. Rachna Kucheria, MD, AIIMS New Delhi and MD, USC California. She has over 25 years practice experience in the US and India.

What is in the Package?

6 video consults with Dr. Rachna Kucheria, top General Physician and Family physician, for proactive and continuous care for a holistic well being. Specially suited for chronic cases or older patients.
10% discount on lab tests (except Covid tests)
Total duration - 30 days

How will this work?

On completion of the payment for the package, you will receive a promo code on your registered email, using which you can book your video consults with Dr. Rachna as per your convenience and her availability on DocGenie. Promo code will be for 6 video consults for a period of 30 days from the date of payment.

For any assistance, please call our call centre and they will be happy to assist you with bookings or any other queries.