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Dr.Neha Agarwal

Dr.Neha Agarwal

MBBS Chhtrapati Sahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur
MD Pediatrics Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU Varanasi
Clinical Fellowship in Paediatric Endocrinology Alder Hey Children Hospital, Liverpool, UK

11+ years of experienceSpeaks Hindi, English

₹ 1200 per consultation

Pediatric Endocrinology is the specialty that looks into hormone problems of children. These specialists diagnose and treat hormone problems that can affect how children grow and various other functions.

What do Pediatric Endocrinologists do?

These specialist doctors look at hormones in childrens' bodies. Hormones are like messengers that tell the body what to do. When there's a problem with these messengers, it can affect a child's growth, their sugar levels, and even how fast they grow up.

What are the kinds of problems they help with?

Diabetes : Some children have trouble with sugar levels in their blood. Pediatric Endocrinologists help families manage this.

Growing Up Issues : Some kids might grow too fast or too slow. These doctors help figure out why and how to help them.

Thyroid problems : This gland can cause problems with energy levels. Pediatric Endocrinologists can help fix these issues.

Puberty Worries : Sometimes, puberty might start too soon or too late. These doctors can help children and families through this time.

How DocGenie Supports children in India

At DocGenie, we connect families in India with really good Pediatric Endocrinologists. You can talk to them from your home through your phone or computer. They understand childrens' needs and help families with managing diabetes, growth worries, thyroid problems, and puberty changes.

Why Is It Important ?

Making sure kids are healthy as they grow up is super important. With DocGenie, parents can get expert help for their kids' hormonal health without any hassle.

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Why Prioritize Children's Hormonal Health

Ensuring kids grow up healthy and strong is crucial. With DocGenie's accessible platform, parents can seek expert guidance for their kids' hormonal health without any hassle.

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DocGenie : Bridging Gaps in Children's Health

Through DocGenie, families in India access expert Pediatric Endocrinologists for their children's hormonal health. Whether it's addressing concerns about diabetes, growth, thyroid, or puberty, our platform connects families with specialized care easily and conveniently.

The Importance of Prioritizing Children's Hormonal Health

A child's well-being is at the core of healthy development. With DocGenie's seamless platform, parents can navigate and manage their child's hormonal health with expert guidance and support.

FAQs About Pediatric Endocrinology:

If your child experiences unusual growth patterns, has persistent energy issues, struggles with blood sugar levels, or exhibits early or delayed puberty signs, consulting a Pediatric Endocrinologist might be beneficial.

The doctor will ask questions about your child's health, and might request some tests to understand the hormonal situation better. They'll then discuss treatment options with you.

DocGenie connects families in India with experienced Pediatric Endocrinologists via telemedicine. You can easily book appointments and have consultations from the comfort of your home using your phone or computer.

Some common signs include excessive thirst or urination, unexplained weight changes, unusual growth patterns (too fast or too slow), constant fatigue or low energy, and early or delayed puberty signs.

Not necessarily. Some issues might be minor or temporary, while others might need more attention. It's essential to consult a Pediatric Endocrinologist to understand the specific situation and get the right guidance.

Yes, imbalances in hormones can impact a child's mood, behavior, and emotional health. Addressing these imbalances can often help improve overall well-being.

Nutrition is vital for managing many hormone-related conditions. A Pediatric Endocrinologist might recommend specific dietary changes or supplements to support a child's hormonal health.

The frequency of visits depends on the specific condition and its management plan. Typically, regular check-ups are necessary, but the doctor will advise on the appropriate schedule.

DocGenie : Supporting Children's Hormonal Health in India

At DocGenie, we link Indian families with top-notch Pediatric Endocrinologists. These specialists understand kids' needs and help families manage diabetes, growth worries, thyroid problems, and puberty changes.