Dr.Manamohan N

Dr.Manamohan N


MD St John's Medical College, Bangalore
DNB National Board

10+ years of experienceSpeaks English, Kannada,Telugu, Tamil, Hindi

License Number : Karnataka MC - 98396

Video-Consultation : ₹ 1000

In-Clinic Vist : Not Available

Dr Manamohan is a passionate and enthusiastic mental health professional. He completed his MBBS from prestigious Manipal University, and post graduated in the field of psychiatry from St John’s Medical College Bangalore. Worked in one of the premier mental health institutes of the country National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore after which he went overseas to further hone his clinical skills. He is accredited as a Psychiatrist by the National Board of Examinations as well. He’s trained at Melbourne, Australia under the Specialist Supervised Training (SST) by the Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He holds Membership to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, London. Dr Manamohan offers a range of services in the form of identification and management of various mental health issues including stress and anger management, attention, concentration and performance issues, sleep problems, communication and relationship problems, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, OCD, Bipolar disorders among others. He has a keen interest in child and adolescent Psychiatry. He offers services in the form of identification and management of various childhood problems like anxiety problems, depressive problems, ADHD, Autism, Communication and Language disorders, childhood motor disorders, problems involving childhood emotional and mental wellbeing, career guidance among others. Has experience in perinatal psychiatry, women’s mental health, offers specialized psychological wellness services for both individuals and couple during the pregnancy and post-partum period. He has been regularly involved in contribution to the literature of mental health through various published articles in journals and as an active participant for the professional forums both nationally and internationally. He believes in comprehensive evaluation in a multidisciplinary approach involving the biological, psychological, social and cultural factors leading the current difficulties faced and helps in formulating a detailed health care plan in finding the solutions for the problems.

Dr.Manamohan N

Conditions treated

Stress and anger management
Sleep problems
Communication and relationship problems
Anxiety and Depressive disorders
Schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, OCD, Bipolar disorders
ADHD, Autism
Childhood motor disorders
Childhood emotional and mental wellbeing
Career guidance