5 Common Autumn and Winter Diseases You Must be Aware-of

Autumn and Winter Diseases

Autumn and winter are the seasons of festivities and celebrations in India. Moreover, it’s also the season for large weddings. However, the cold weather may weaken your immunity and make you prone to infections.

Here are 5 common autumn and winter diseases you must be aware-of – are :

1) Common cold

The common cold is most common during autumn and winter months. Almost every other person you meet will have a runny or stuffy nose, fatigue, body ache and constant sneezing episodes. Caused by a host of viruses, common cold may be treated at home by staying hydrated, gargling with salt water, taking honey with warm water, using humidifier to ease severe cough and avoiding cold water or food items like ice cream. However, if the infection is severe it is better to consult a GP.

2) Pneumonia

Pneumonia, a lung infection caused by bacteria, or viruses, also affects many during autumn and winter. It is important to know that symptoms of Pneumonia, if not treated early, may aggravate into serious complications and damage your lungs, brain and other body organs. Check with your GP if you are someone who needs to take the Pneumonia vaccine to mitigate this infection should it occur.

3) Throat Infection/Pharyngitis/Laryngitis

Throat infection due to a persisting infection or dry air is yet another common and chronic condition prevalent during these seasons. Symptoms of this infection include itchy and scratchy throat. However, the condition is usually mild and does not pose any serious threat to your overall health. Home remedies like talking less, taking honey with tea, and garlic with warm water may help in treating the infection.

4) Bronchiolitis

Bronchiolitis is a viral infection that affects the air passages in your lungs. The condition begins as a common cold but eventually leads to breathing trouble. Other symptoms include coughing, vomiting, fast breathing and wheezing. Taking medical help at the early stage may help prevent the condition from turning severe.

5) Stomach Flu

Despite popular belief you can get stomach flu or gastroenteritis in the winter months as well. Vomiting, feeling thirsty, green stool, fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite and stomach pain are the common symptoms of this condition. Home remedies that may work well for stomach flu are staying hydrated, eating light, less spicy and less acidic food, washing hands, cleaning vegetables and utensils before cooking, and adequate rest. Taking zinc supplements may reduce the severity of the condition. Moreover, staying away from dairy products, caffeinated drinks, artificial sweeteners and alcohol may also help in early cure. In case the infection persists for days it is better to seek medical advice.

In addition to the above, diseases like asthma flare-ups, painful joints, Influenza  are also very common during autumn and winter.

A full body health check-up before the onset of autumn or winter may help to prevent the risk of these diseases. You can consult a GP online on DocGenie to know about the tests that may help you take preventive steps against the potential autumn and winter ailments. A panel of highly experienced GPs work with DocGenie and are ready to help you with any of the above health issues.