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Most of the basic functions of our body depend on our ears, nose, and throat. These organs are, however, subject to blockage or infection. In such cases, you should consult with the best medical specialists who can diagnose and treat problems related to these body parts. These doctors are commonly known as ENT doctors or Ears, Nose, and Throat specialists. They are also called otolaryngologists in medical terms. ENT specialists often treat these body parts simultaneously because they have a close connection with each other. They can also cure some areas like the neck and head of the body.

An ENT doctor is the first person who can treat sore throat, runny nose, allergies, and tinnitus (buzzing ears). There are several reasons these medical problems can take place. They may or may not be single problems. These symptoms can also be a sign of other problems in your body like a sinus infection which can cause insomnia if it is not treated properly or in time. This is where an ENT specialist Doctor in Delhi can figure it out.

The nasal deviation is another common problem that usually causes no pain but it could lead to constant headaches, colds, constant nosebleeds, etc. in the long run. An ENT specialist in Delhi can correct this problem through a nasal septum treatment. At DocGenie, you can schedule appointments with the best ENT Doctor online to avoid waiting in queues and to save your precious time at the safety of your home. You can also find ENT doctors near me for a checkup by using our vast network of top hospitals and specialists.

When should you call an ENT doctor in Delhi ?

A lot of people fall ill due to their ENT problems or disease, especially during flu or cold season. In most cases, there are other ENT issues that may be triggering some other problems apart from showing temporary symptoms.

We have listed ENT specialist doctors who can treat different conditions related to Ear, Nose, Head, and Throat. Book ENT consultation online if you have sinus allergies, flu-like symptoms, constant buzzing in ears, to treat your conditions before it’s too late. 

What Medical Conditions Do ENT Doctors Cure?

  • Rhinosinusitis – This condition causes inflammation in the sinuses covering the passage through the nose. ENT doctors call this condition sinusitis. Due to this condition, you may have runny nose, headaches, and problem breathing. You may also have swelling in cheeks, forehead, nose, or around your eyes or light pain on the face. An ENT doctor can diagnose and provide the right medication for this problem.
  • Tonsillitis – The tonsils are located at the back of our throats and play a vital role in our immune system. They look like two protruding small masses from lymphoid tissue and they can easily keep germs from making a way to your nasal cavity or mouth. They have plenty of white blood cells and they can help kill and fight germs. You may have a sore throat, problems in breathing, loss of hunger, ear pain, tender lymph nodes, or bad breath due to infection in the tonsils. Throat specialists can treat this condition.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea – The throat muscles relax while sleeping at regular intervals. Sometimes, it disrupts or stops breathing for a while. This obstruction is due to obesity or some blockages or abnormalities on the nose or at the back of the throat. This way, a throat expert can diagnose and find the cause before providing treatment. The ENT doctor may refer patients in severe cases to a sleep expert.
  • Ear Infection – The virus or bacteria present in the ear canal can cause ear infection. Common cold is also the other reason behind this condition. This way, an ear expert can provide the remedies and treatment for ear infection. The swelling in the ear can also cause infection and pain and it obstructs the tubes which further causes build-up of liquid. It may cause loss of balance or dizziness.
  • Loss of hearing – This condition affects aged people the most. But others can also be affected by this problem, if they have been exposed to a lot of loud noise or injury. Mumps, diabetes, meningitis and other diseases are also the cause of hearing loss. This way, ear specialists provide hearing aids.
  • Constant buzzing in ears – Constant buzzing or ringing in ears are the signs of tinnitus. You may hear buzzing in one or both ears. It is not a specific medical condition as such. Instead, it is itself a symptom of another ENT issue, such as concussions, ear infections, high blood pressure, loss of hearing, tumors, or other issues which ear specialists can treat. 
  • Allergies – Mold, dust, pollen and other minute particles can cause allergies. The ENT specialists can treat these allergies. They can lead to swelling, redness, sneezing, or watery eyes etc. You can control these conditions with the right treatment.

ENT specialists can also treat other problems like nasal deviations, tumors, loss of smell, migraines, salivary gland stones, and snoring. If you have any of these conditions in the neck and head area, ask the ENT specialists online. You can quickly address the problem and avoid further problems in future by contacting the doctors earlier. 

What do we do?

At DocGenie, you can get in touch with the best healthcare specialists and access quality care online. We connect you to the best ENT doctors with a few easy steps. We have contacts with all experienced highly recommended professionals. Find the best ENT doctors nearby. You can talk to them online or through video conferences or calls.         

COVID-19 Caution

As social distancing is still in practice and no treatment of COVID-19 has been found yet, it is always advised to consult with doctors online. This is why DocGenie is here to connect you to the best doctors online. Use our official website to book your appointments online

If you experience any COVID-19 symptoms, talk to your doctor online immediately. You might have flu-like symptoms if you are COVID-19 positive like cold, fever, body ache, and cough. If you or your loved ones notice any of these symptoms, ask your doctor online. Don’t go to hospitals or clinics before giving advance notice. Get your COVID test done to check for early symptoms of flu or COVID-19.


What do ENT doctors do?

The ENT doctors or Ear, Nose and Throat doctors are specialists in treating conditions in neck and head area. They treat and diagnose different disorders and illnesses in ears, nose and throat.

When do I need to consult an ENT doctor?

If you have any infection, pain, unusual growths, or any abnormalities in neck and head areas, consult your ENT doctor in Delhi. If you suffer sinus allergies or seasonal allergies, see your ENT specialist for proper care and medication.

What are the exact conditions they can treat?

They treat a lot of problems related to ear, nose and throat, such as sinusitis, sinus allergies, loss of hearing, rhinosinusitis, nasal deviation, etc. They also provide remedies and treatment of earache.

What procedures do they perform?

Along with providing medications for certain problems, they also conduct surgeries like thyroid removal, sinus allergies, nasal septum treatment, and eardrum repairs.

What does a full ENT test include?

An ENT doctor conducts a full ENT examination of neck and head areas having lymph nodes. They perform the examination with a mirror and headlight to check all the cavities and tubes closely to ensure that everything is functioning well and is in proper order. 

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