COVID-19: Some Useful Precautions and Safety Rules

Health is wealth. The coronavirus pandemic has reiterated that very emphatically. COVID-19 has left the world deeply bruised. Even though vaccination has started all over the world, healthcare and frontline workers are still striving hard to serve and save humanity. As these warriors risk their lives every day, we too must take responsibilities for ourselves and those around us. A collective responsible action is what is now needed to come out of the pandemic.

Here are some of the useful precautions and safety rules to follow on a daily basis –

Maintain health

The primary responsibility we can take is to maintain our health both mentally and physically. It is now known that the virus is deadlier for people with pre-existing health conditions. To stay safe from infection, immunity is key. 

COVID-19 severely affects our respiratory system, hence, the best precaution you can take is to make your respiratory system stronger and healthier. While immunity boosting remains the critical cog in tackling coronavirus, our lung health is also a very significant issue as it ensures protection for our respiratory system. 

The lung provides oxygen supply to the entire body and without its proper function our body will lack its most vital resource – oxygen. Besides, the lung uses mucus to safeguard it and combat with germs and bacteria. Lungs also age as we grow old and get weaker which in turn can affect our lives and general wellbeing. This is another reason why lung health is critical in maintaining proper body functions.

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Maintain a health weight

Your diet can play a crucial role in building immunity. Go for a healthy meal by increasing protein intake. In case of viral attacks, your body cells get destroyed and protein helps you grow stronger. Consume daily calories in accordance with your body weight and age, remember obesity/being overweight is a serious risk factor for developing complications of covid. If you need to lose weight seek advice from a doctor/dietician – this can be done safely via a teleconsult.

Stay hydrated

Drink enough fluids in the form of water, fresh fruit juices, tea etc. However, stay away from drinks or juices which have added sugar in them.

Keep stress levels low 

While a nutritious diet is a great way to stay healthy and build immunity, it will not be enough. Stress badly affects your well-being and results in negative thoughts and distress. An array of self-help methods are there to help you cope with panic and stress making you feel relaxed, calm, and in control of your body and mind. 

People across the world are recognising the importance of working out and are joining gyms or doing yoga, acrobat, zumba dance and other classes to stay fit. Exercising also helps in keeping your lungs healthy. When you exercise, your heart beats faster which makes your lungs work more. This in turn boosts your lung capacity. 

Moreover, breathing exercises are also extremely effective in strengthening the ability of your lungs. You can also choose between a 30 minutes brisk walk, treadmill, exercising, meditation or Yoga. Yoga is a well known practice for reducing stress. Nowadays, yoga and meditation are great ways to ease stress and reduce anxiety and nervousness. Exercising or working out is also very crucial to improve metabolism and release the happy hormones.

Maintain personal hygiene

It is important to take necessary steps to stay infection-free by proper hand washing, taking a balanced diet, drinking safe water, taking regular bath and sanitising your home every now and then. This will reduce the toxins present in your body and help boost your immunity.

Quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake

Smoking leads to lung cancer and many other respiratory conditions due to the harmful chemicals present therein. Besides, your lungs get weak when you smoke for a long period of time and this can cause breathing troubles. More importantly, smoking makes your lungs age faster. Try to quit smoking totally or reduce the numbers, as the first step towards quitting.

Sleep well

A good night’s sleep of minimum eight hours works wonders for your total wellbeing. It enhances your body’s healing ability and also builds antibodies and cells which fight against viruses and other infections.

Stay away from pollution or pollutants

Pollution is extremely harmful and can severely affect your lungs turning them old and worn-out much before time. It is important to stay away from pollutants in order to safeguard your lungs during this pandemic.

Try to avoid polluted areas and also stay away from passive smoking. Be extremely careful to keep your home sanitised and also dust or germ-free. Moreover, stay away from chemicals in the form of synthetic scents or perfumes.

Sanitize often

Keep sanitizers, detergent and bin bags handy. While going out remember to maintain nearly six feet distance from others, and by all means use mask and wash hands repeatedly. Also try not to touch your face. Once back home, go for washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds and if possible sanitize the boxes and packages. 

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If sick

If you have a mild cold or fever or loss of smell, even just bodyache, it is best to isolate from others in the family, not go for work unless you can be sure that it is not Covid. This is one of the reasons Covid is having a surge in March 2021. Do a teleconsult from the safety of your home and and get a doctor’s professional advice regarding your symptoms.

Maintaining these simple yet easy steps will go a long way in keeping you safe from the coronavirus infection.

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