DocGenie: A huge jump in online doctor consultations due to COVID-19

The coronavirus induced pandemic has given a major boost to online medical consultation across the world. The fear of virus infection has made most people opt for digital healthcare tools. In India as well, online doctor consultations have seen a marked rise since March 2020. Telemedicine and online healthcare services through call, video or chat are helping patients connect with registered and renowned doctors from home during this ongoing pandemic. This in turn helps in avoiding visits to clinics, hospitals or outpatient departments (OPDs). The health ministry under Government of India has also emphasised the advantages of telemedicine services during the lockdown, leading to a further rise in usage of online consultation apps and medicine delivery services.

To cater to this growing need for online doctor consultations during COVID-19 crisis, a plethora of online healthcare platforms have emerged in a very short span of time. Health being a critical aspect of our existence, it is important to be sure of the quality of the services provided by these platforms.

DocGenie: a brainchild of leading healthcare professionals

Created by an AIIMS and IIM Alumni team DocGenie offers state of the art healthcare services. Many of our doctors have been in practice for more than 25 years, while some are second generation physicians, with a family legacy of being healthcare practitioners since the 1950s. Our top class doctors provide high quality care for people across geographies.

Online consultations offered at DocGenie are armed with multiple applications, and ensures optimal care. Factors like high definition technology and rapid, accurate and real time consultation from certified professionals make DocGenie an efficient and trusted space. A band of highly qualified doctors onboard DocGenie offers consultations on a wide array of conditions including general medicine, dermatology, mental health, ENT, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, neurology, diet and nutrition, physiotherapy, orthopedics, cardiology, gastroentology, dentistry, surgery, oncology, Ayurveda, and urology.

DocGenie offers top quality online medical care amidst rising COVID-19

COVID-19 has made us understand the importance of staying healthy by adopting preventive care.  We have also realised that well-timed diagnosis is very crucial for proper treatment and early cure. This is why most of us are now looking for regular doctor consultation. However, visiting clinics amidst the pandemic has its challenges, including the fear of catching the virus.

Highly experienced medical practitioners on DocGenie offer authentic online doctor consultation for COVID-19. We offer access to quality healthcare from registered and certified healthcare personnel. In today’s time when COVID-19 is a constant threat to all of us we at DocGenie are committed to make quality healthcare easily affordable and inclusive.

You can consult one of our doctors for advice on any COVID-19 queries. A panel of highly qualified doctors on our platform are ready for online consultation. Book an appointment with one of our general physicians for COVID-19 related queries and symptoms. An online session with a general physician on our platform if help you know if you need to be tested for COVID-19. Moreover, if you are infected with the virus, our experienced physicians can offer high quality medical care to ensure fast recovery. We at DocGenie recommend seeking early medical advice. If you have queries regarding COVID-19 you can chat with one of our physicians.

Here is how our cutting age services can help you stay on the top of your health during the pandemic –

  • 24*7 access to specialists
  • Instant medical care by top physicians with years of experience
  • Timely medical care without stepping out
  • Follow-up sessions for ensuring effective treatment
  • Effective and reliable communication
  • Affordable healthcare from the comfort of your home
  • Digital documentation of all records
  • Medical consultation for an wide range of health conditions

Offering preventive health care

In addition to offering consultation regarding COVID-19 our doctors can suggest proper preventive health care which includes regular health check-ups. You can book a session with the one of our general physicians for primary level medical care and also for advice on pre-emptive health measures. Moreover, if you have chronic complications or surgical cases, our general physicians can offer pre and post-operative advice.

Caring for those having underlying conditions

During the coronavirus pandemic, those having underlying conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure are at higher risk of getting infected with the virus. It is highly imperative for such individuals to consult a doctor on a regular basis. If you have any underlying condition, our general physicians can help you with necessary guidance for your safe health. You can also consult our general physicians for preventive care. We have qualified online physicians who can also offer quality advice on healthcare packages.

Prioritising mental health

During the pandemic many are suffering from mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. At DocGenie we offer therapeutic care for those afflicted with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Our doctors can also offer valuable help and guidance for those at risk for self-harm or are coping with issues like bereavement. Booking an online session with one of our doctors will get you timely intervention. It will also keep you safe by accessing quality medical care and services at home.

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DocGenie is an online telemedicine platform that provides you with quality healthcare from the comfort of your own space. On DocGenie, you can book an online consultation with highly qualified doctors as well as book lab tests for home collection.