Dry? Normal? Oily? Do You Know Your Skin Type?

Written by Dr. Shehla Agarwal (MBBS MAMC New Delhi, MD (Dermatology) MAMC New Delhi), one of the best dermatologists in Delhi NCR.

Do you feel confused while buying skincare as you read labels like ‘For Dry Skin’ or ‘For Oily Skin’? And what in the world is ‘Combination Skin’? Yes, knowing your skin type can be a bit challenging – especially when it keeps changing. Did you know that skin types change with the weather, age, hormones, and even stress? Let’s not forget that our skin, just like the rest of our body is an organ that responds to internal and external factors such as environment and diet. Widely speaking, there are four basic skin types and it is important to know which one is yours so that you can use the right products and take care of it properly. Here’s how you can know your skin type for sure. (These home remedies will lighten stretch marks)

Dry Skin 

Skin that is flaky and chapped during the day is dry. It becomes tight and rough after cleansing. With time and age, crow’s feet, which are fine lines near the eyes, start appearing. After staying in an air-conditioned room for long hours the skin almost feels stretched. For such skin type, winters is announced earlier than others. (So you may want to switch to cold cream a little earlier.) (Click here to know about the 5 worst things for dry skin)

Normal Skin 

This type of skin always looks clean and fresh, even after cleansing it is smooth and supple. It is mostly free from problems like breakouts but definitely not free from age-related fine lines. Be it humidity or winters, nothing seems to affect this skin type much. (Here are some cool ways to use coffee for amazing skin)

Oily Skin

Shiny skin and open pores are a clear sign of oiliness. This type of skin is more prone to breakouts. Winter is the best season for people with this skin type as even in the biting cold, it feels soft. So what’s the best way to know whether your skin is oily or not? Just take wet cotton and wipe your face with it. The dirt on the cotton proves it all. If your skin is oily dirt sticks to it and will show on the wet cotton. (It’s not all bad – here are some benefits of having oily skin)

Combination Skin

The T-zone (nose and forehead) is oily while other parts are normal and clean or dry. The open pores can be noticed on the forehead, chin, and nose and these are the areas that tend to have breakouts. (Get that glow with this awesome home facial)

About the Author

Dr. Shehla Agarwal is a graduate and post-grad from Maulana Azad Medical College. She is one of the best dermatologists in IndiaShe has been practicing for over 22 years at her own clinic and is also associated with Apollo Hospital. In addition, she conducts some workshops for public education on skin care, Antiageing and other skin and hair related problems all over the country and abroad. 

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