Effectively fight COVID-19 with online video doctor consultation

The main focus of the fight against COVID-19 has been towards containing the spread of infection. In doing so, the general healthcare delivery modules have changed phenomenally. The access and delivery of healthcare services underwent a sea of changes as more people wanted to avoid going out. This has led to wider usage of online doctor consultation conducted either through tele-health consultation or as video consultation. 

The shift in healthcare towards larger use of online video doctor consultation will help ensure improved support to patients during this global health crisis. Online video doctor consultation provides effective support in decreasing pressures on stretched healthcare services.

Video online doctor consultation enables doctors to see patients while offering medical guidance. It is best suited to conditions where physical check up is important for doctors to determine the condition, in a situation where in-person medical examination is not possible or is risky.  

Benefits of online video doctor consultation include-

  • With online video doctor consultation there is less risk of cross-infectivity
  • Such a consultation enables you to consult a specialist at a convenient time.
  • It is extremely beneficial for those seeking follow-up appointments.
  • There are no geographical boundaries, which helps in accessing guidance from specialised doctors from anywhere.
  • Such consultations protect those with co-morbidities and the senior citizens, who are at high-risk of COVID-19.
  • In case you or any of your family members had been infected with Covid-19 in the past, online video doctor consultation can help you understand if you need to take a Covid19 antibody test to check your immunity.
  • In case of follow-up check-ups and for regular prescriptions for medicines, online consultations are externally useful.
  • Covid patients often also have stress and psychological issues. Online video consultations can work wonder for them.
  • A live online video doctor consultation is the best solution for the ones looking for routine chronic disease check-ups. It is an effective tool for patients to share recordings of their vitals like BP, steps walked, pulse rate.
  • Patients experiencing seasonal cold or flu-like symptoms can have a video consult with a doctor to understand if they need to get checked for COVID-19.
  • This mode of consultation is immensely beneficial for those who do not need physical examinations for their conditions, and cases where doctors prescribe repeated medicines.
  • For those who want to know about immunizations and flu vaccines, video consultation is an extremely safe and effective mode.

DocGenie provides online video doctor consultation for a host of conditions. These include general medicine, dermatology, mental health, ENT, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, neurology, diet and nutrition, physiotherapy, orthopedics, and urology.

COVID-19 patients for whom video consultation with doctors works best-

  • Video consultation is highly beneficial if the infected patient is self-isolating or belongs to a high-risk group due to their age or existing medical conditions. However, an aged patient must be assisted by someone while undergoing video consultation.
  • The patient is anxious and requires constant reassurance from their online doctors.
  • The area where the patient lives is a COVID-19 high-risk zone, reporting a very high number of Coronavirus cases.

During this difficult and challenging time, our qualified online doctors are offering advice on all Covid-19 related concerns. DocGenie’s experienced general physicians will help you know how to differentiate between Covid19 symptoms and those of other infections. You can also look for guidance on RT-PCR test procedure for better diagnosis and effective Covid treatment.

Some key points to remember while accessing online video doctor consultation –

  • As a patient you might need to give your consent to share your medical records in electronic formats like email, or texts.
  • By initiating the consultation, you are implying consent.
  • You will have to give clear consent either an email, text or audio/video message, if your doctor initiates the online consultation.

Online video consultations offered by DocGenie are ensures optimal care. High definition technology, complete data security, and rapid, accurate and real time consultation from certified professionals make DocGenie an efficient and trusted space.

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