5 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Psychiatrist

Factors To Consider When Selecting A Psychiatrist

Mental health issues affect millions of people all over the world and more so in these past two years of living with the COVID 19 pandemic. Emotions, feelings and behavioural patterns are complex domains. People struggling with these aspects of the mind need to be evaluated just as someone with high sugar needs to see a physician. With time mental health has become a priority all over the world. More and more people are seeking help from psychologists and psychiatrists for their issues. 

However, if you are not aware of the domains of mental healthcare, you might find it difficult to select the right kind of care provider. It is important to know that psychiatrists diagnose mental health conditions and prescribe medication to help you manage symptoms like sleeping disorder, depression, anxiety, and/or psychosis. Sometimes psychiatrists also counsel patients by using techniques like psychotherapy. Also, as and when needed, they recommend and refer patients to psychologists and counselors.

Selecting a psychiatrist is entirely a personal decision. While there are clinics to visit for counseling, you can also opt for online psychiatrist counseling. At DocGenie we offer online psychiatric/mental health counseling by highly experienced doctors.

A successful therapeutic relationship depends on trust and commitment to the process. Your mental health is a precious asset; hence the psychiatrist who is treating you must be well-adjusted to your issues, symptoms, and treatment needs. While selecting a psychiatrist you will need to have a proper understanding of their role, their area of specialty, and approach to treatment.

5 Factors to consider while selecting a psychiatrist

Seek Referrals

A great way to start the search is by taking suggestions from your family doctor or a general physician. Doctors are the best sources for helping you choose the right psychiatrist. Moreover, your family doctor will be in a position to understand your health situation and offer recommendations accordingly. General physicians can also do certain tests to find out if your conditions are related to your body or mind. 

Screen the Shortlisted ones

The next step is to check the credentials of the doctors you shortlisted. In general, good psychiatrists require post-graduate training and study, which includes a three-year medical residency. Go through the history of their practice before you decide if you feel confident about them.

Online healthcare platforms are a good place to check the credentials. The online psychiatric counselling platforms provide detailed background information of their psychiatrists. 

Read reviews

Reviews from clients are also a very helpful resource for selecting a good mental health practitioner. These reviews are often very instructive and offer insights about doctors from patients they have treated. However, the reviews must not be the sole basis for choosing the right psychiatrist for you.

Experience of the practitioners is critical

While psychiatrists typically share some common skills and training, it is their approach to cases and experience that make the difference. Experience is considered to be a critical factor when it comes to selecting any doctor. It is equally vital for choosing a psychiatrist also. 

A mental health practitioner, who has been practicing for years, will be in a better position to understand and treat your conditions. However, with experience one must also be well aware of the latest trends in mental healthcare to offer the best treatment for patients. Book a psychiatrist online appointment on DocGenie and access best mental health counseling from highly experienced psychiatrists.

Gender – Another key factor

Figure out if you are comfortable sharing your maladies with a male or female psychiatrist. Remember! While consulting for mental health issues, the primary factor is to feel completely comfortable and at ease throughout the treatment and therapy process.

And finally, the first most important step, don’t ignore your symptoms, book your consult today.

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