Fallopian Tubes – Know The Consequence Of Its Blockage!

fallopian tubes

Written by Dr. Neha Jain (MBBS LHMC New Delhi, DGO LHMC New Delhi), one of the best gynecologists in Delhi NCR.

Being childless can be a cause of depression for many families, especially women. Infertility in women has a large number of causes. One of the main causes is endometriosis. While a woman may not be aware of it, the pain of having it and its implications does make it worthwhile to know what it is all about! To understand fully what endometriosis is, it is essential to know about the fallopian tubes. These tubes are on either side of the uterus and their purpose is to transfer a mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus.

How do Fallopian Tubes Get Blocked?

The uterus has a layer of tissue called the endometrium, which lines it. If a woman does not become pregnant, each month, the tissue is shed through the process of menstruation. The growth of a tissue like the endometrium causes endometriosis. The issue is that this layer does not grow on the inner walls of the uterus. Instead, it grows in regions like the cervix, the bladder and the vagina, where it should not be present.

This can cause a lot of irritation, inflammation and in some cases, can also lead to the formation of scar tissue. However, endometriosis is not the only issue that can occur when it comes to problems a woman can face with fallopian tubes. Hydrosalpinx is another issue where due to blockage, the fallopian tube widens. The prefix ‘hydro’ is because the tube then fills up with fluid. This fluid stops the egg from meeting the sperm and being fertilised, thus preventing pregnancy.

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Doctors will examine a special type of X-ray known as an HSG in order to diagnose the condition of blocked fallopian tubes. However, the reliability of this test is far from sure as there is about a 15 percent chance that a false positive may be generated.

There are some solutions to problems regarding fallopian tubes. If only a single tube is blocked, you still have a reasonable chance of getting pregnant. A doctor can prescribe drugs to improve the chances of pregnancy using the tube which is functional.

Laparoscopic surgery also has quite a lot of appeal for women having blocked fallopian tubes. It is used to open blocked tubes and to clean out scar tissue. Depending on how severe the block is, a 20-40% pregnancy rate can be achieved post-surgery. IVF treatment is also a viable option. You can generally overcome fallopian tube trouble. But the first step is awareness!

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