Culture & Sensitivity Urine Test

Culture & Sensitivity – Urine test is done to diagnose a urinary tract infection

Report Time : After 18 to 36 hours

You can now book lab tests online and have samples collected from your home. Home collection for this test is available in multiple cities.

Cost of test :

Urine contains water and wastes that are produced by our kidneys in the body. It travels from our kidneys through ureters, which are tubes that are connected to our bladder and then is purged out of our bodies through the urethra. The urine culture test is a simple test of urine to detect the presence of any bacterial, viral or fungal infections, so as to diagnose the urinary tract infections.

Reference Values
In the process of collecting the urine, the contamination of the sample with skin bacteria is inevitable. Hence, in order to yield a reference value for the number of colonies, the contamination by skin bacteria is taken into account. In view of the foregoing, up to 10,000 colonies of bacteria/ml are considered normal. Greater than 100,000 colonies/ml represents urinary tract infection.