Top 6 Reasons You Should Get Regular Blood Tests

Health and wellness factors decisively contribute towards ensuring a quality life. Moreover, as we age our body starts getting weaker and thus becomes vulnerable to a host of health conditions. According to healthcare professionals, one of the most important ways of maintaining good health is regular medical check-ups. And when it comes to routine health screening, blood tests become an integral cog. This is because regular blood tests offer an important snapshot of your overall wellbeing. Such tests also help identify diseases early and can help initiate treatments on time. 

Why you need a regular blood test?

Routine blood tests help us see the way our body changes with time. This in turn empowers us to make informed choices about our health. It is a fact that without lab tests, it is hard to know what is going on in your body. At DocGenie we ensure authentic blood tests for most common conditions and ensure early reports. 

Doctors now suggest routine blood tests at least once every year. It is also important to schedule the tests and the physical body health check-up together. 

Common blood tests include – 

Key factors behind routine blood tests-

1. Disease prevention 

Regular blood tests potentially reduce chances of disease or health complications. Such tests can identify early symptoms and signs of diseases including those of the heart, lungs, and kidney. Regular lab tests are highly effective ways to stay on top of your health indices. They also help you make most of a quality life. The periodic blood tests also play a role in boosting your mood, libido, cognizance and energy levels.

2. To address sudden changes in your body

Many of us deal with sudden weight gain or loss and are often at a loss about the reason behind it. A blood test will help you identify the reason behind your weight gain or loss. Increase in weight could be because of your lifestyle choices or diet. However, it could also be due to underlying ailments like heart or liver conditions or thyroid issues. Moreover, if there are symptoms like fatigue or sudden pain, a blood test is the most effective way to identify the original cause.

Besides, health issues like fever, cough, cold, and headaches are usually believed to be minor conditions which go on their own. However, recurrent bouts of these issues might be because of some underlying health condition. Only a physical examination by your doctor will not be enough to identify the deeper cause. You will need a proper blood test to know that. Routine blood tests help you in knowing such underlying conditions beforehand.

3. Total blood count prevents numerous health problems

Total blood count test is considered highly effective in preventing a host of problems. For instant the WBC or White Blood Cell count will inform you about the presence of an infection, while platelets counts will tell you about blood clots. 

Being aware of HDL and LDL cholesterol levels will enable you make necessary changes in your diet or fitness plan. They will also enable you put a check on your current unhealthy habits. 

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4. Identifying alteration in your sex hormones

Regular blood tests also help you maintain a record of your body’s testosterone and estrogen levels. Those facing low libido, erectile dysfunction, infertility issues, or disinterest in sex, might have undergone a dip in their sex hormone levels. Only a blood test can help you detect that.

5. For blood donors

A perfectly healthy and fit body is the prerequisite of blood donation. If you are a regular donor, routine blood tests will help you stay aware of your health status. This in turn will enable you to remain capable of donating blood for years.

6. Identifying nutrient requirements

Your body’s condition depends greatly on what you eat. Accordingly, nutrients play a vital role in the smooth functioning of your organs. Any deficiency in the nutrient components can result in issues like fatigue, body odour, headaches, muscle cramps, sleep disorder, and constipation. It is from a routine blood test that you can know about your body’s requirements for particular minerals and vitamins.

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Health is wealth. There is no denying that health ensures happiness, hence, a major part of your self-care routine should include regular blood tests. And today booking a blood test has become much easier and faster. At DocGenie you are assured of tests done in labs that are reliable, well-managed, or convenient to reach.

Many doctors now recommend blood tests more than once a year. However, you must consult your doctor before opting for regular blood tests. Talking to your doctor will also help you understand if you need other tests to ensure optimal health.

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