Lipid Profile Test

* Provided by Healthians

A complete cholesterol test called Lipid Profile is a blood test done to measure the amount of good & bad cholesterol & triglycerides in your body.


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Lipid Profile Test

* Provided by Healthians

A complete cholesterol test called Lipid Profile is a blood test done to measure the amount of good & bad cholesterol & triglycerides in your body.

You can now book lab tests online and have samples collected from your home. Home collection for this test is available in multiple cities.

Cholesterol is a vital chemical present in the body and performs many functions such as coating the cells of the body-forming the cell membrane, producing certain components called bile acids which aid in digestion of fats. Additionally, it performs an imperative role in production of certain vital nutrients like vitamin D and sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone (steroid hormones). Elevated levels of cholesterol indicate a risk for heart disease, atherosclerosis and stroke and hence estimating blood cholesterol levels is one of the most fundamental and critical test in routine screening and health checkup.

Reference Values
Desirable 100-200mg/dL
Borderline High 200-239mg/dL
High Above 240mg/dL

Desirable More than 60mg/dL
High Risk Less than 40 mg/dL
Moderate Risk 40-60md/dL

Optimal Less than 100 mg/dL
Near Optimal 100-130 mg/dL
Borderline High 130-160 mg/dL
High 160-190 mg/dL
Very High More than 190 mg/dL

Normal Less than 150 mg/dL
Borderline High 150-200 mg/dL
High 200-500 mg/dL
Very High More than 500 mg/dL

High TSH levels are usually attributed to an underactive thyroid gland or hypothyroidism. There are many causes of this problem.

Comprehensive Lipid Profile Test for Accurate Health Assessment

Why Choose DocGenie for Lipid Profile Testing?

Are you concerned about your cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular health? Look no further than DocGenie's comprehensive Lipid Profile Test Designed to assess your lipid profile, this test provides crucial insights into your cholesterol levels, including total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. By evaluating these key markers, our Lipid Profile Test helps identify any potential risks for cardiovascular diseases and allows for timely intervention.

The Importance of Lipid Profile Testing

Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels is vital for overall well-being. An imbalance in cholesterol levels can significantly increase the risk of heart diseases and other cardiovascular conditions. Regular Lipid Profile Testing plays a crucial role in assessing your lipid profile and identifying any abnormal cholesterol levels. By understanding your lipid profile, you can take proactive steps to manage your cardiovascular health effectively.

How Does the Lipid Profile Test Work?

During the Lipid Profile Test, a sample of your blood is collected and analyzed for various lipid markers. These markers provide insights into your cholesterol levels and lipid composition. The test measures total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol (known as "good" cholesterol), LDL cholesterol (known as "bad" cholesterol), and triglycerides. Based on the results, our healthcare professionals can provide personalized recommendations and interventions to help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Benefits of DocGenie's Lipid Profile Test

Comprehensive Assessment: Our Lipid Profile Test evaluates multiple lipid markers, providing a detailed analysis of your cholesterol levels and lipid composition.

Early Detection: By detecting any abnormalities in your lipid profile early on, our test helps identify potential cardiovascular/heart health risks, allowing for timely intervention and preventive measures.

Personalized Recommendations: With the help of our experienced healthcare professionals, you will receive personalized recommendations to manage and improve your lipid profile effectively.

Convenient and Reliable: DocGenie's Lipid Profile Test can be done conveniently at our partner labs or in the comfort of your own home. Rest assured, the test is conducted with accuracy and reliability, ensuring accurate results.

Take charge of your cardiovascular health by scheduling a Lipid Profile Test with DocGenie today. Our comprehensive analysis and expert guidance will empower you to make informed decisions about your well-being. Don't wait - prioritize your heart health now!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Lipid Profile Test is a blood test that measures various types of lipids, including cholesterol and triglycerides, in your bloodstream. It provides valuable information about your overall cholesterol levels and lipid composition, helping assess your risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Lipid Profile Testing is crucial for understanding your cardiovascular health. It helps identify any abnormal cholesterol levels, which can indicate an increased risk of heart diseases and other cardiovascular conditions. Regular testing allows for early detection and proactive management of lipid imbalances.

The frequency of Lipid Profile Testing depends on various factors, including your age, family history, and existing health conditions. In general, it is recommended to have a lipid profile test at least once every five years as part of routine health check-ups. However, your healthcare provider may recommend more frequent testing if you have specific risk factors or a history of lipid-related issues.

Yes, fasting is typically required before a Lipid Profile Test to obtain accurate results. It is advised to fast for at least 9-12 hours before the test, which means no food or beverages other than water. Fasting helps eliminate the influence of recent food intake on lipid levels, ensuring the test results reflect your true lipid profile.

Yes, DocGenie offers the convenience of taking the Lipid Profile Test at home. Our partner labs will send lab technicians home to collect your sample. Your results can then be emailed to you. Finally, consult with our healthcare professionals for further guidance.

The turnaround time for Lipid Profile Test results may vary depending on the lab and testing method used. In general, you can expect to receive your results within 1-2 days of the sample reaching the lab. DocGenie strives to provide prompt and efficient delivery of results, ensuring you have the necessary information to manage your cardiovascular health.

If your Lipid Profile Test results indicate abnormal cholesterol levels or lipid imbalances, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional. They will interpret your results in the context of your overall health and provide personalized recommendations for managing and improving your lipid profile. Lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and medication may be recommended to help you achieve healthy cholesterol levels.

At DocGenie, we understand the significance of maintaining a healthy lipid profile for optimal cardiovascular well-being. Our Lipid Profile Test offers comprehensive insights into your cholesterol levels, allowing for early detection and proactive management of potential risks. Take a step towards a healthier heart by scheduling your Lipid Profile Test today. Our trusted telemedicine services and lab testing partnerss are here to support you on your journey to better health