SGPT Test – SGPT Alt Blood Test

The SGPT ALT test is done to check and measure damages in liver if any.

Report Time : After 6 hours

You can now book lab tests online and have samples collected from your home. Home collection for this test is available in multiple cities.

Cost of test :

SGPT also called as Alanine Transaminase (ALT) is an enzyme primarily associated with the liver. Significantly elevated levels of SGPT are predominantly suggestive of liver disorders, but can indicate several heart diseases, such as congestive heart failure too. SGPT, just like SGOT, is yet another important enzyme in amino acid metabolism and an important test to measure liver health. However, it’s a better marker for liver damage than SGOT, and said to be liver specific.

Reference Values
Reference range is multifactorial depending on age, gender and disease condition.
The normal levels of SGPT are in between 7 and 56 units per litre of serum.

A value above 200 mg/dl indicates diabetes or high blood sugar