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Uric Acid, Serum Test

Uric acid test is done to detect high levels of uric acid in the blood

You can now book lab tests online and have samples collected from your home. Home collection for this test is available in multiple cities.

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Reference Values
Your doctor will help you interpret your report basis your age and gender, medical condition and on-going treatment, if any
Age Group Male mg/dl Age Group Female mg/dl
1 Month between 1.2-4.9 1 Month between 1.3-6.2
1-3 Months between 1.3-5.3 1-3 Months between 1.3-5.8
3-6 Months between 1.4-6.4 3-6 Months between 1.3-6.2
6-12 Months between 1.4-6.7 6-12 Months between 1.4-6.2
1-3 Years between 1.7-5 1-3 Years between 1.7-5
3-6 Years between 2.2-4.7 3-6 Years between 2.2-4.7
6-9 Years between 1.9-5.0 6-9 Years between 1.9-5
9-11 Years between 2.3-5.4 9-11 Years between 3-4.7
11-13 Years between 2.7-6.8 11-15 Years between 3-5.8
13-15 Years between 2.4-7.9 15 Years between 2.6-6
15 Years between 3.5-7.2

Higher than normal acid levels within the blood is named hyperuricemia and may be caused by producing an excessive amount of acid within the body or because of the failure of the kidneys to adequately remove enough acid from the body. Low levels of acid within the blood are seen much less commonly than high levels and are seldom considered cause for concern. Although low values are often related to some sorts of liver or kidney diseases

High acid levels within the urine are seen with gout, myeloma, metastatic cancer, leukaemia, and a diet high in purines. Those vulnerable to kidney stones, who have high acid levels in their urine could also be given medication to stop stone formation.
Low urine acid levels could also be seen with renal disorder, chronic alcohol use, and lead poisoning.