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Do you have to undergo general surgery? Do you want a specialist to manage symptoms? Are you looking for an alternative treatment? Get all important management care and online consultations from top surgeons online in Delhi at DocGenie. They help patients who need surgery with different complications. They understand the state of mind, condition, and medical history of patients before offering pre-and post-surgical advice.

These surgeons are qualified to handle cases like gallstones, hernia, haemorrhoids, piles, kidney stones, and appendicitis, along with other conditions.

What Medical Services Do Surgeons Provide?

  • Haemorrhoids/Piles Treatment – Food habits, lifestyle, medicines, and other factors are responsible for hemorrhoids or piles. This medical condition affects the rectum and is very painful. Our online surgeons provide the right guidance and surgery for a permanent solution and instant recovery. They also explain the scope of treatment and how much time it needs to recover.
  • Preand Post-Surgical Care – These experienced surgeons provide the right advice and care guidelines before and after the operation. Patients should manage their bodies before the operation, take important medications, and ask the doctor if they experience any symptoms.

You should also get care advice after the operation to manage your pain, get timely medications, ensure a speedy recovery, and live a normal life again. You can get the right guidelines from our general surgeons if you have a condition like appendicitis. If you don’t get timely treatment, the appendix may also cause death. At the same time, patients should also get timely care with gallbladder stones. It should be removed quickly if it is detected.

  • Hernia – If you are going through a hernia operation or you’ve been through this, ask our surgeons online to get preliminary advice.
  • Appendix – Get proper advice from general surgeons before and after operation for appendix surgery.
  • Biopsy/Removal of Masses, Tumors, and Cysts – Our surgeons in Delhi provide advice for all of your issues and they are always here to help you with this problem.
  • Circumcisions – Get proper post-operative care and advice to treat circumcisions.
  • Amputation – It takes proper care for recovery from the trauma and pain because it is a very tough phase in anyone’s life. Our expert surgeons provide proper care guidelines and preliminary advice.
  • Laparoscopy – This surgery is the least invasive but most sophisticated. Ask our surgeons for advice on gallbladder surgery and the removal of appendicitis.

Consult Top Surgeons at DocGenie

Consult the best general surgeons at DocGenie, the one-stop telemedicine platform for online doctor consultation. Our surgeons provide the right care and advice to help improve your health.

We have experienced surgeons who are specialized in their fields. You can get all the important advice and guidance related to your condition and ensure a speedy recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How surgeons treat patients?

Surgeons usually treat injuries, deformities, and diseases with operations. They have certain instruments to fix tissues/bones that are damaged due to injury or perform preventive or elective surgeries.

When you should consult a surgeon?

You should consult a surgeon when it comes to the treatment of injury, disease, or deformity. These conditions require the removal of the organs or tissues, replace infected organs, or to fix certain body systems through the operation. 

What medical conditions can surgeons treat?

Surgeons treat some of the common conditions like cancer, abdominal pain, gallbladder infection, gastrointestinal diseases, gallstones, hernia, thyroid, etc.

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