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With the ongoing pandemic and global crisis, a lot of people are unable to access medical help. To help solve this problem, DocGenie aims to provide easy access to online consultations by some of the best general physicians and specialists around. DocGenie offers a simple, user-friendly platform where you can talk to an online general physician in Delhi from the comfort and safety of your home. They will suggest the best COVID-19 test center near you.

You may have mild or severe flu-like symptoms related to COVID-19. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is better not to go outside and to self-isolate. Also inform your doctor about the symptoms. Sanitize the surfaces and your hands to avoid the spread of infection and keep track of your symptoms every day.

What do General Physicians Do?

General Physicians are primary care doctors who treat different conditions at a basic level. An online general physician can perform a complete analysis of your medical condition. In addition, a primary care doctor provides preventive measures and teaches you about several health conditions. They provide treatment and recommend certain measures to prevent those conditions. They suggest what to do before and after an operation if you have any chronic illness that needs surgery and also refer you to the best doctor for your specific condition.

All of DocGenie’s online primary care doctors are experienced and well qualified. They will provide the best opinion and advice for your health. They can help you determine your symptoms and recommend the procedure for proper diagnosis. When needed, they can also help you seek COVID treatment.

If there are no symptoms like flu, cough or fever, but you are still having problem breathing, you should still talk to our online general doctors who may refer you to lung specialists.

What Medical Conditions Can General Physicians Treat?

Whether you are having prolonged medical conditions or viral fever, you should consult with the best general physicians who can diagnose the condition and suggest the right treatment. High or mild body temperature can also be a sign of COVID-19. Go for a consultation to learn how to take care of your family or yourself at home.

Cold and Cough – Itchy throat, sudden coughs and runny nose are the symptoms of common cold. But these could also be the symptoms of COVID-19. Ask your general physician to know the main cause of the problem and connect with a specialist for safe treatment. Practice social distancing and proper hand hygiene to avoid the spread of infection.

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Stomach Infection – Stomach pain, gas, uneasiness, diarrhea, and vomiting are some of the common signs of stomach infection. The best general doctors can perform diagnosis and provide relief and medication considering the symptoms.

Respiratory illnesses – Special care and attention is required for asthma, allergies, lung infections, TB, sinusitis, and pneumonia. These infections can be serious and cause severe complications if they are not treated well.

Endocrine and Metabolic Symptoms – Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and cholesterol can easily wreck havoc on your life and wellbeing. You can control these conditions only with proper treatment and timely diagnosis. Your general physician would tell you certain medications to manage these conditions and recommend some lifestyle changes.

People who are already suffering from disorders like hypertension and diabetes are highly vulnerable to COVID-19 infection during this pandemic. So, they should take extra care of their health. If you or someone in your family is already suffering from those underlying conditions, you should be extra careful and stay in touch with online primary care physicians from time to time. They will assist you by teaching you about the best practices for self-care at home.

Joint Problems – Diseases of joints like foot pain, backache, frozen shoulder, etc. need holistic care. Our general physicians would teach you to control aches and pains through therapy and medications. They can also refer you to the best orthopedicians when needed.

Other ailments – Primary care doctors can also help you modify your living habits and promote easy recovery from lethargy, headache, migraine, and muscular weakness which are the part of daily life.

Visit DocGenie to Talk to Our General Physicians Online

Remember the good old days when your parents told you to stay home until you are recovered? General Doctors or general physicians usually do the same. Instead of having specialization in any specific field, they are knowledgeable enough to cure patients and refer them to a specialist. They specialize in general medicine to treat everyone, from children to adults and diagnose several conditions.

Now, you can easily consult with the specialized general physicians online at DocGenie without having to go to the clinic or hospital. They are well-qualified to treat health conditions like cold and flu, fever, infections, malaria, dengue, stomach flu, typhoid, respiratory illnesses and various waterborne illnesses.

The symptoms of COVID-19 also seem to be like early symptoms of flu and respiratory infection. This way, a general physician diagnoses and tells whether you should go for COVID-19 test or treatment. Ask your doctor online before it’s too late. Visit Doc Genie for spot online consultation.

Get Best General Doctors Online

We can connect you to our highly experienced general physicians from leading hospitals in Delhi. At DocGenie, we can save you from queuing up and wasting your time in traveling to clinics.

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