Everything You Need To Know About Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Written by Dr. Neha Jain (MBBS LHMC New Delhi, DGO LHMC New Delhi), one of the best gynaecologists in Delhi NCR.

Breast cancer is a type of cancer which occurs due to the development of cancerous cells in a person’s breasts. Women are usually affected by breast cancer and it is one of the most common forms of cancer after skin cancer. It is a very serious medical condition and can be fatal if not diagnosed at an early stage. Read on more to find all about the different symptoms, causes, preventive measures and treatment of breast cancer.


Breast cancer has a few distinct characteristics and if you have a few or all of the following symptoms you could be more likely to suffer from breast cancer. 

  1. The formation of a lump in your breast, which is different from the surrounding tissue and usually more thickened.
  2. The discharge of bloody fluid material from the nipples.
  3. Sudden change of the size, shape and appearance of the breast.
  4. Certain distinct changes to the skin over the breast. For example, an indentation in the skin similar to that of a dimple.
  5. Appearance of an extra nipple which is inverted.
  6. If the darkened area around the nipples known as the areola is flaking or peeling off.


In short, studies and research remain inconclusive on what causes breast cancer. But the disease occurs due to abnormal division of the cells located in the breast which over time accumulate and form lumps. They might spread to other parts of the body. Personal genetics, environment and lifestyle choices are the most common causes of breast cancer. It can also be caused due to genetics since around 5% to 10% of cases are due to gene mutations which pass onto generations.

Risk factors

There are certain factors which increase the probability of contracting breast cancer. These include increasing age, personal and family history of illness, obesity, radiation exposure, pregnancy at an older age and post-menopausal hormone therapy.


Several forms of surgical methods, depending on the condition and spread of the disease, exist to treat breast cancer. These include mastectomy, lumpectomy, axillary lymph node dissection and removal of both breasts. Other forms of treatment include chemotherapy or the use of high doses of drugs to destroy cancerous cells. Radiation therapy where X-rays are used to destroy the cancer cells is also effective.

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