Telemedicine: The Convenient Future of Online Consultation

Telemedicine or online consultation which facilitates doctors’ consultation on phone or other digital devices is a major disruption that has happened in the healthcare industry in the last two years.  At a time when COVID19 pandemic continues to be a major concern for us, telemedicine or online doctor consultation has gained new emphasis in our life, both patients and doctors.

Telemedicine is currently witnessing a paradigm shift by advancing consumer-based care. Stakeholders and healthcare experts all over the world agree that telemedicine creates enhanced patient satisfaction. They also proclaim that telemedicine is the safest and convenient future of medical consultations. Surveys and research studies conducted in recent times show about 99 percent satisfaction score with telemedicine or online doctor consultation among users. 

It is now established that telemedicine or online consultation greatly improves quality of healthcare delivery. Advanced technology embedded in these models spice up service delivery. Moreover, it also improves treatment of severe health conditions that needs constant monitoring. Telemedicine or online consultation can also eliminate unnecessary Emergency Room visits at times.

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Here is why telemedicine is the safest and convenient future of medical consultations –

1. Anytime consultation

In India, people living in small towns and villages often lack access to doctors when needed. Telemedicine offers all time access to specialists without a prior appointment. It also enables doctors increase patient base outside the clinic or hospitals.

Telemedicine is armed with tools that send out readings to doctors who can check the symptoms, health condition, and emergency requirements of patients, instantly. This results in faster medical interventions, which can prove to be lifesaving at time.

2. Greater patient engagement

Telemedicine has a positive impact on self-care as it enhances interaction between doctors and their patients. It helps doctors guide their patients on self care between appointments. Moreover, given that there is a rise in chronic health conditions; telemedicine can potentially provide improved care at a reasonable cost. Telemedicine or telehealth helps patient report their health metrics from home, which enables medical teams act remotely in guiding patients. This is particularly beneficial now with this ongoing pandemic where many have turned agoraphobic, that is, they fear crowded places or leaving home. This phobia has stopped many from seeking care.

3. More patients can be taken under the fold

Telemedicine deftly addresses the rising shortage of doctors in our country. Telemedicine or online consultation expands provider networks and increases healthcare access. More significantly, Telemedicine easily reaches the rural community, where the nearest medical facility is often miles away or delivers extremely poor healthcare services. This significantly helps those living in remote and hilly regions by helping them avoid road-travel fraught with poor driving conditions and natural calamities.

Telemedicine is also instrumental in midlevel patient awareness building and diagnosis and by doing so reaches a greater section of the society and larger geographical terrains. That said, telemedicine or online consultation also delivers therapeutic care for the ones suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. It also helps individuals at risk for self-harm or are coping with issues like demise of loved ones or sterility.

4. Pocket friendly

A country where large sections of people are poor, healthcare must be low cost. However, the current private healthcare delivery is extremely costly and largely remains beyond the reach of the poor.  Telemedicine is known for its low-cost mode of providing quality care and thus expunges a big barrier to healthcare. Just a simple search like – ‘general physician near me’ or ‘gynaecologist near me’ is enough to connect you with the best doctors in the country, today.

5. Lesser exposure to pathogens

COVID-19 continues to be a concern even today. Many of us still want to avoid the wait at clinics and hospitals with other patients and thus run the risk of exposure to infection and germs. Telemedicine directly benefits us by enabling us to stay at home. This in turn lessens the pressure on doctors as well.

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6. Anytime care for babies

Infants have a tendency to fall sick in the middle of the night. This causes severe anxiety for the parents. But thanks to telemedicine or online consultation, today they can just dial a number or log on to get immediate help. Doctors can provide instant solutions and diagnosis during such emergency situations. Moreover, if any of the patients get sick at night, doctors can provide effective guidance on phone or online from their home. After a gruelling day at the hospital it is a great relief for doctors to not have to travel to the clinic or the patients’ home for check up.

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