What’s Causing That Itchy Feeling In Your Ears?

Do you feel like scratching your ears? If yes, you are not alone. People of all ages get some itchiness in their ears. The itchy feeling occurs in the ear canal, that is, the tube that connects your outer ear to your eardrum. Addressing the itching depends on the underlying cause of the itching.

Whatever be the reason, it is always best not to stick any objects in your ears. Doing this can damage the inner ear, which includes the tiny bones that make you hear sounds.


Some of the commonly known reasons for itchy ears are-

Earwax buildup

Earwax is produced by the body naturally, but too much of it can make the ears itch. However, it is never a good idea to remove the earwax build-up with objects like cotton swabs as it pushes the wax further inside and makes it get stuck. Consider applying the over-the-counter ear drops that remove the wax. If that doesn’t help, it might be necessary to see an ENT specialist. You can also consult an ENT specialist online on DocGenie. That said, it is important to know that in some cases ears can also itch if they lack wax. In case the ‘itchy ears’ are because of dryness, applying a few drops of olive oil or baby oil to their ear may help.


Ears can also itch if you are affected by some kind of ear infection caused by bacteria or viruses. Ear infections occur along with common cold, flu, or allergies. Another type of ear infection, called the Swimmer’s Ear, occurs when water stays inside the ear after swimming. The excess moisture weakens the ear canal’s natural defense against germs.

Ear infections usually go away on their own and the itching also stops after that. However, at times you may need to apply over-the-counter ear drops. In case the infection persists, you might have to consult an ENT specialist and take a course of antibiotics


Allergy in the skin of your ear may also cause itching. Such allergy may occur due to skincare products like hair spray or shampoo or accessories like earrings made of nickel. Moreover, earbuds and hearing aids can also cause ear rash called Contact Dermatitis. That said, Eczema or Psoriasis may also cause itchy ears.

To stop the itching it is important to find the allergy-causing agent. Consult an ENT doctor to find the underlying cause of the allergy. The doctor might recommend a steroid cream to stop the scratching. A drop of oil may help relieve the itchiness that occurs from wearing hearing aids. Apply the oil before going to bed to make sure that the oil should not touch your hearing aid.

Those afflicted with itchy ears from allergic Rhinitis may need antihistamines to address the issue. You may consider wearing earplugs while swimming to reduce your risk of catching a Swimmer’s Ear infection. It is a good idea to use the hairdryer on low heat to dry the inside of the ears after swimming or taking a shower. However, the hairdryer must be used from a distance.

In some cases, your ears may itch while eating certain fruits, vegetables, or nuts. This condition is called Oral Allergy Syndrome and occurs mostly during the allergy season.

Cleaning your ears

Putting objects like cotton swabs, bobby pins, paper clips, matchsticks, and even fingers, into the ears may inflame the ear canal and lead to itching. These objects may scratch the skin inside the ears and lead to bacterial infection. However, you may dry the outside of your ears with a clean towel.

Ear itching usually does not need treatment. However, if the itching is severe or chronic consult an ENT specialist. The doctor might recommend carrying an epinephrine auto-injector for those having severe food allergies. 

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