Who needs a Covid-19 Booster Dose?

The Indian government has now allowed a third precautionary vaccine (booster dose) against COVID-19 for all adults. Following the announcement many are making a beeline to hospitals and clinics for the immunity booster. Anyone aged 18-60 can take a dose at any vaccination centre nine months after taking the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

However, a lot of debate and discussions are taking place regarding the use of booster shots. While arguments for supporting the dose centres around strengthening immune protection, waning efficacy of vaccines, and increasing numbers of variants, there is some debate around the need for booster vaccines for everybody.

The medical fraternity largely agrees that re-inoculation with a COVID-19 vaccine shot, might boost the immune reaction and produce longer lasting immunity. While doctors recommend booster shots for most people, they also argue that certain categories of people may not need it immediately. In this blog we will share who needs a Covid-19 booster dose and who does not. and also guide you to online consultation with covid 19

Who needs a booster dose?

1.     Frontline workers

The frontline workers played the most critical role in saving humanity from the deadly virus. Given the nature of their jobs, they are constantly exposed to the virus and related health hazards. Hence, doctors and care workers should be the first ones to get the booster dose. This will provide them with an additional layer of protection from the dangers posed by the deadly strains.

2.     Immuno-compromised individuals

Next in line are people with immuno-compromised health, that is individuals with underlying conditions which thwart a healthy response from their immune systems. A weak immune response fails to provide protection against severe infections or hospitalisation risk. Hence, these people should are also a priority group for additional-vaccination doses. A booster dose might ensure a similar level of immune response as other healthy adults.

People with the following underlying health conditions are high risk–
  • Diabetes (both Type-1 and Type-2)
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart problems
  • Thyroid ailments
  •  Respiratory and pulmonary disorders
  • Vascular complications
  • Kidney or renal failure
  • Cancer
  • Chronic immuno-suppressant

Those affected with these conditions are at double risk of not only catching severe COVID-19 infection and dying from it, but also face problems drafting effective vaccine immunity from the earlier doses. The risk is even more for those affected with more than one condition. Thus, these individuals would require additional protection at the earliest to safeguard their health.

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Who may not immediately need a booster dose?

Healthy young adults

The rest of the population don’t need to immediately get a booster shot. With the rise in Delta and its sub-lineage, many younger than 55 years of age are actively getting the third dose. However, according to many medical practitioners globally, the booster dose may not be very effective or essential for those younger than 55 years of age and without any serious co-morbidity. Being vaccinated with the first two doses and following COVID appropriate behaviour is considered to be enough for them at this point.

The argument is that these individuals have a strong and healthy immune system which works well to protect them. An additional third vaccine dose may not be too beneficial for them at this point. Clinical evidence suggests that the first two vaccines are extremely effective in preventing severe COVID-19 infection risk in healthy young adults compared to the older adults.


Children in India are yet to be fully vaccinated. Scientists and researchers are suggesting that children and teenagers do not need a booster vaccination at this point. Immune systems in children are in a growing stage and can protect them effectively. Besides, they do not face severe COVID-19 risks in the first place.

Those who have recently recovered from COVID-19

After recovering from COVID-19, an individual automatically gets a certain customary level of natural immunity in his/her body. This offers useful protection for a long time. According to doctors, if you have recently recovered from COVID-19 infection, you can delay taking the booster shot for the time being. There isn’t any urgent need.

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