Home Care Doctor Service Has Plenty of Benefits for Patients

Good news! These days you can avail home care doctor service and avoid the annoying affair of visiting doctors’ clinics. Moreover, we also fear catching infection from fellow patients while waiting for our turn in the clinics. On many occasions the waiting time gets well past the scheduled appointment as the doctor happens to be late due to some emergency. It is no doubt an off-putting task. Many doctors are now visiting homes to meet their patients. It is an easy process. You only need to book an appointment 24 hours before time. And a doctor will visit you at your home to offer medical care and assistance.

Benefits of Home Care Doctor Service:

This is not at all a new concept. Even in older times family doctors used to visit their patients at home. However, as many are now demanding faster and easier healthcare services the popularity of home care services has increased.

Here are some of the major benefits of home care doctor service-

Less time and energy spending

Availing a home care doctor service immediately helps you get rid of travelling to the clinic and the annoying hours of waiting. This saves a lot of time and energy. Additionally you get a registered doctor visiting you at the comfort of your home and providing you with top quality medical assistance.

Besides, a home care doctor service enables you to fix an appointment according to your convenience and get medical assistance anytime at home. Moreover, a home visit means undivided attention and a personal touch.

Best option for the kids, elderly and disabled

A home care doctor service is definitely the most convenient and safe way of treatment when it comes to kids, the elderly and the disabled. Availing healthcare service at home, means there will be zero possibility of catching infections from the other patients. Besides, it will immediately lessen the workload for the caretakers of the disabled people.

Budget friendly

Availing a home care doctor service also reduces your cost compared to the traditional mode of medical care. Notably, a home visiting doctor charges considerably less than the regular hospital or clinic charges.

Why wait to see a doctor when a doctor is ready to see you at home? DocGenie’s home care doctor service ensures expert care for you and your loved ones. You can avail day-to-day healthcare services as well as long term healthcare assistance. Our Home Visit Doctors meet patients at their home, examines the conditions and prepare a medication plan for faster recovery. Book an appointment now to avail medical care at your home.

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The blog has been written incorporating inputs from Dr. Sana Abedin, a home visit doctor on DocGenie site currently pursuing a fellowship course from the American College of Chest. Dr Sana is a trained family physician who has worked in Artemis and Max Healthcare in Delhi NCR area. She treats conditions like Covid symptoms treatment, Lifestyle diseases like Blood Pressure and Diabetes, Respiratory infections, Diarrhoea, Mental health conditions, cardiac, neuro, respiratory, and post surgery (general/ortho). Over the last year she has seen more than 1000 Covid patients.  

An MBBS from Nepal she has worked for Artemis hospital as a Medical Officer in Orthopaedic Department and as a junior resident in Critical Care for two years. Dr Sana is also experienced in handling and closely monitoring liver transplant patients and advising diet modification. Earlier she has done home visits at Mohali and Dehradun and offers regular consultations, both virtually and in person, at her clinic in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

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