Important Questions You Must First Ask a Paediatrician for Newborn Care

Children are our priority, and when it comes to newborn babies we are all the more concerned and want the best for them. Health tops the chart of parents’ concerns regarding their newborn and they look for the best pediatrician for their baby. In this blog, we will talk about the important questions you should ask a pediatrician you are considering for newborn care.

Here are some of the key questions-

Do I need a pediatrician before the baby is born?

Pediatricians treat newborn babies and children for health conditions like cold and cough, fever, diarrheal and other complications. Known as kids’ specialists, these doctors also help with child growth, development, and immunization.

Pediatricians are generally needed after a baby is born. It is the job of a gynecologist to ensure you and your baby, are healthy at birth. But, if you want, you can select your child’s pediatrician early, and visit him/her to build a prior relationship and clear doubts about pediatric care.

What are the common problems treated by a Paediatrician?

The common health problems treated by child specialist doctors are:

  • Cold and cough
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Skin allergy
  • Food Poisoning
  • Developmental disorders
  • Lice problem
  • Ear problem

For complex conditions like asthma, neurodegenerative disease, and genetic disorders in children, one can also consult a pediatrician. For quality medical advice, you must reach out to the best pediatrician.

Today, more and more parents are opting for online consultation with a pediatrician to keep their babies safe from COVID-19. If you are looking for an online pediatric doctor for your child, you can book an online consultation with a pediatrician on the DocGenie app. The online child specialists associated with us are highly qualified in their field and take utmost care to treat children’s health issues and offer the best quality care. You can consult the child specialists on DocGenie for any child-related health problems.

What is the recommended pediatric vaccination schedule?

A pediatrician shares a baby vaccination chart as recommended by IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics). This vaccination chart will have a list of the vaccines, the age when it has to be taken, and also the recommended dosage. Vaccines against diseases like polio, typhoid, hepatitis, HIV, diphtheria, tetanus, and some other diseases are suggested by child specialists.

What to do if the kid shows COVID-19 symptoms?

Babies and children are generally not known to catch the coronavirus. However, if they show COVID-19 symptoms like fever and cough which are similar to early flu symptoms; it can raise your concern. If you see any such signs in your child, instead of panicking, book a session with an experienced doctor online. Chat with a pediatrician online on the DocGenie platform for immediate consultation with the best child specialists in your locality.

With the second wave of COVID-19 raging across the country, DocGenie is firmly poised at ensuring quality healthcare access for all. Due to the fear of catching the infection along with lockdown-related problems most parents are now looking for online consultation with pediatricians for their children. This helps them avoid the hazards associated with a hospital or clinic visits during these challenging times.

On DocGenie the best online pediatricians are there to offer necessary medical care to your child. You can also chat online with our pediatric doctors to know more about safe practices for you and your children during these trying times.

What is the difference between a pediatrician and a pediatric surgeon?

Pediatricians also called child health specialists, deal with conditions like cold and cough, fever, diarrheal and other complications related to child health. Pediatric surgeons on the other hand deal with serious child health conditions, in which surgery is involved. Pediatric surgeons have specialization in surgical treatment for children while pediatricians cure through medications.

What would you suggest parents do to keep their babies safe?

Parents of newborn babies are always anxious about the new member of the family. As new parents, they are constantly plagued by fears of doing something wrong which might harm the baby. The pediatrician can help new parents by suggesting the right ways of taking care of the baby. This can keep the parents assured and help them remain stress-free. Hence while looking for a pediatrician for your newborn, do confirm if the doctor will be guiding you in parenting-related issues.

You should know the pediatric doctor well before you take your child for a consultation. While checking the profiles of such doctors do find out the following–

  • The institution they have studied from
  • Area of specialization, if they have any sub-specialties
  • Years of experience in treating children’s health conditions
  • Clinics or hospitals they are attached with
  • Do they accept insurance plans?
  • Their views on vaccines, immunizations, breastfeeding, circumcision, sleep training, etc.
  • Process for baby check-ups
  • Their office hours and if they will be available to see you during the weekends
  • If they are available on phone during emergencies
  • If they offer advice on parenting strategies and tips on how to help children develop socially and emotionally
  • Do they recommend using baby formula?
  • How long does a typical check-up last?
  • Will the initial meeting with the baby be at your clinic or the hospital?

On the DocGenie platform, you’ll get to choose from the best doctors for pediatrician online consultation. Our pediatric consults will recommend medicines after a thorough examination and analysis of your child’s condition and offer an immediate treatment course. Availing the DocGenie app helps you avoid queuing up at clinics and opt for the best child specialist doctors in your locality.

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