What Kinds of Specialised Doctors Are Available on DocGenie?

Doctors are the most important part of our healthcare network. Most doctors, whether they be primary care doctors/GPs, or specialised doctors, are moving ahead with technological advancements and using telemedicine to increase their reach and provide good and timely treatment. 

Whether you seek treatment from a general doctor or a specialized dentist or gynecologist, DocGenie is your one-stop platform. Here are some of the specialties DocGenie covers for treatment – 

General Physicians 

They can provide solutions to most health issues remotely. They can also diagnose various infections and diseases and even refer the patients to specialized doctors. Here are the diseases and health conditions they commonly treat – 

  • Lifestyle conditions – High BP, diabetes, cholesterol, and thyroid 
  • Cold and flu – Runny nose, fever, cough, and itchy or sore throat 
  • Respiratory illnesses – Asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis
  • Stomach and gut problems – Uneasiness, stomach ache, gas, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation 
  • Joint pains – foot pain, back pain, and frozen shoulder
  • Urinary issues – including infections and incontinence

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ENT Specialists 

Ear Nose Throat (ENT) doctors can treat conditions related to the ear, nose, and throat, sinuses, voice box, certain face and neck structures. Some examples of diseases they treat are: ear infections, pain in ear, tonsillitis, and vertigo.  You can consult them online when you have any problems in the ear, nose or throat area. 

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These specialised doctors help manage and treat a person’s mental illness. In addition, psychiatrists can conduct psychological sessions, analyze symptoms, provide counseling, and suggest the right treatment which includes medicines. They treat various mental issues like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, addiction, ADHD, and eating disorders. 

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Obstetricians and gynecologists are specialized doctors who can treat different conditions related to women’s health including teenage menstrual issues, pregnancy, and menopause. They also specialize in prenatal/postnatal care, delivery, family planning, and prevention of cervical cancer. Schedule an appointment online for the best quality advice from the comfort of your home.  

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They are specialized doctors trained to manage childhood issues. They can treat the behavioral, mental, and physical health issues of a child. Most importantly they advise parents on what is normal development and what is not, what is a mild issue and what is serious. Furthermore, some of the childhood health problems they can treat are cough, fever, stomach ache, vomiting, cold, and respiratory illnesses. They provide vaccines, nutritional guidance, and keep track of the overall fitness of children. If your child has any ailment like cold, cough, stomach issues, fever, or even needs proper health monitoring, and you are unsure about what to do, consider scheduling an appointment on DocGenie. 

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These specialists deal with various conditions and diseases related to oral health, such as gum disease, cavities, broken or chipped teeth, crowns, dental bridges, root canals, etc. Consult our dentists online on DocGenie if you experience any issues like inflamed/swollen gums, swollen/painful tooth, tooth sensitivity, toothache, etc. 

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Consult your dermatologist online if you experience problems related to nails, hair, and skin.  They diagnose and manage conditions like dermatitis, acne, fungal infections, eczema, warts, hair loss, psoriasis, skin cancer, and others. Besides medicines and creams, their treatments sometimes include laser, cosmetic injections, and other specialized procedures.

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Physiotherapists are qualified to treat injuries or disabilities through massage, exercise and various treatments involving physical movement. They provide a wide range of treatments including Manual Therapies (joint manipulation, enhancing mobility, resistance training and stretching), Exercise Regimes (like muscle strengthening, posture enhancement and cardiovascular training) and Electrotherapy Techniques (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), laser therapy, diathermy, and ultrasound). Consult a physiotherapist if you are suffering from cases of pain, including muscle pain, joint aches and hindered mobility.

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They can provide treatment options for urinary tract infections through video consultations. Urologists are also available for talks to treat male reproductive issues, kidney issues, urethra, adrenal glands, etc. They are specialized in surgical and medical treatments of these organs. Consult your urologist today if you have blood in your urine, constant urination or problem in urination, burning or painful urination, severe constipation, etc. 

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They specialize in different medical areas related to fixing skeletal/bone injuries, physical disorders, and deformities. They can treat compression and stress fractures, broken bones, muscle injury, dislocations, and other conditions. Consult an orthopedist when you have issues related to joints, bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. 

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Surgeons The Best General Physicians in Delhi

Surgeons primarily treat diseases, deformities and injuries through physical operations. They use instruments to repair bones/tissues after injury or perform elective/preventive surgeries on patients. Some common conditions which surgeons treat are abdominal pain, cancer, gallbladder inflammation, gallstones, gastrointestinal diseases, hernias, thyroid disorders and varicose veins.

Bottom Line 

As discussed, telemedicine plays a vital role in removing geographical and time barriers between patients and healthcare providers. It allows doctors from different specialties to provide treatment to their patients remotely. This list is not limited to the above specialties. It is just an indication about the growing importance of telehealth and its benefits. 

DocGenie is an online telemedicine platform that provides you with quality healthcare from the comfort of your own space. On DocGenie, you will find a select few, highly-qualified doctors, unlike other online platforms with thousands of doctors. So you can be assured of receiving excellent, honest, personalized care from the best doctors.