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Should you see a dermatologist?

Skin, the largest sense organ, acts as a guard against germs, and protects the blood vessels, nerves, and the organs. It is also an organ that we associate beauty with, and is amenable to a variety of cosmetic interventions. But skin can also get affected with various types of skin diseases or it may manifest issues and problems in other parts of your body. Dermatology is the specialty of medicine that is the final opinion on problems of skin, hair and nails. If you have problems in any of these areas, consider seeking help from a dermatologist. Remember! Your skin is also your body’s first line of defence!

Common Skin Conditions

Skin diseases are common and they occur in all age groups -young and older. Dermatology is the field dealing with treatment of skin and hair. Dermatologists have expertise in treating conditions related to skin, hair, and nails. In addition, they diagnose the causes of the conditions and provide the best solutions for an early and effective cure. 

Some very common skin conditions are rashes and itching. However, a plethora of other conditions afflict us on a daily basis. Some of these conditions cause mild symptoms, while others can be severe. Besides treatment, routine check-ups to pick up skin cancer early on may be life-saving. Moreover, skin issues could be hormonal or internal; for any sign or symptom that is unexplained or persistent, do consult a dermatologist for comprehensive diagnosis. You can consult a dermatologist very effectively through online dermatologist consultation. An in-person consult of course remains an option and may sometimes be needed after a video consult, although definitely not always.

Factors like climate, viruses, fungus or bacterial infection, and allergic reactions lead to skin ailments. However, there is a general disinclination in prioritising skin health in India. This is why many of us tend to ignore the skin or hair related problems for which it is important to seek help from a dermatologist. Understanding the importance of skin health is of critical importance so that we can seek timely medical attention and care. In case you are noticing any anomaly regarding your skin including signs like rashes or moles, consult a dermatologist immediately. With online dermatologist consultation, it is now easy to seek medical advice from dermatologists from the comfort of your home.

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10 important reasons to seek help from a dermatologist-

  1. A mole or patch of skin that’s changed
  2. Stubborn acne
  3. Itchy hives or rashes that won’t go away
  4. Scars from acne, blemishes, or cuts and scrapes
  5. Persistent skin irritation
  6. Nail disorders, ingrown nails, fungus, or others
  7. Hair loss
  8. Eczema
  9. Psoriasis
  10. Signs of Aging

A dermatologist consultant also deals with Hormonal Acne. This is a condition which occurs once you have crossed teenage. It is often found to be a very obstinate problem. Hormonal Acne becomes especially irksome when it is accompanied with cysts and nodules on the chin and forehead. In such cases you must see a dermatologist consultant immediately. These doctors are skilled to access your skin and diet patterns and provide the quality treatment, including topical and internal care.

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Dermatologists also treat conditions like – 

  • Dryness
  • Darkening of skin 
  • Itching
  • Allergies
  • Pimples
  • Skin cancer
  • Psoriasis
  • Rashes
  • Bacterial or fungal infections
  • Cosmetic procedures like skin peeling
  • Hives
  • Sunburn
  • Itchy skin
  • Cold Sores

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