7 Tips to Prevent Dry Winter Skin

Dry winter skin

Winter and dry skin are like summer and sweating. The cold and dry weather, low levels of humidity and chilly winds can steal the moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and dull. Symptoms of dry skin are, tightness and roughness of the skin, red, brown or black skin, itching, slight to severe flaking, and scaling or peeling. In severe cases, the skin may become cracked or it may also start bleeding. However, there are some easy preventive methods which may help you to keep your skin well nourished and glowing all through the winter months.

Here are 7 tips to prevent dry skin in winter –

1.      Moisturize after shower

Taking a shower with warm water can make your skin very dry. Hence, applying moisturizer after a shower is very effective. It helps trap some much needed moisture in your skin.

2.      Do not forget the sunscreen

Given the sun is mellow during winter, you may think that sunscreen is not necessary while going out. However, the harmful UV rays of the sun are still there and can affect your skin’s moisture barrier. So before you step out, do not forget to apply sunscreen after moisturizing your skin.

3.      Use overnight treatments

Overnight skin treatments work extremely well in addressing dry skin. These creams have a thick consistency and are great for deep moisturizing and nourishing your skin with necessary moisture and oils.

4.      Simplify skin care routine

If you are facing dry skin conditions, simplifying your skin care routine during winter can be of help. Ingredients like fragrance and alcohol present in most beauty treatments can act as irritants and further aggravate your dry skin. Keeping your skin care routine limited to a moisturizer, sunscreen and a gentle cleanser for the time being may address the issue.

5.      Stay away from products with irritants

Any skin care or beauty product which has alcohol and fragrance can irritate your skin. The fragrance contains micro-irritations which can irritate the skin and make it dry and itchy. Using fragrance-free creams and lotions may effectively prevent dry skin condition. Also, creams are better than lotions. While buying a moisturizing cream look for moisture-boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramide rather than botanical ones like lavender, tea tree oil. Consider using fragrance-free detergent as well.

Skincare products like Acne medications and anti aging creams may also contain skin-irritating ingredients. Limiting the use of these products during winter may also help to prevent dry skin condition.

6.      Don’t over-exfoliate

Over-exfoliating can be damaging as most soaps dry up the natural oils present in your skin. Soaps also take moisture away from your skin making it itchier and drier. Exfoliating only once or twice a week is a great way to keep your skin’s natural oils intact.

7.      Eat well and drink enough water

Eating a balanced diet which contains antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, green leafy veggies and fruits, and drinking plenty of water is also important to keep your skin hydrated and to protect it from the cold and dry weather.

Taking the above mentioned preventive steps may go a long way in taking care of our skin during winter. However, it is important to know that dry skin can also be a symptom of underlying health conditions like diabetes, hypothyroidism, renal failure or dietary issues. Symptoms like skin turning darker in the itchy areas or skin that is constantly rough, flaky, crusted and red, could be red flags. In such cases, consider visiting a dermatologist at the earliest.

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