Kidney Stones And It’s Signs And Symptoms

kidney stones

Kidney stones are formed of the minerals and salts present in the food & supplements you eat. The possibility of kidney stones increases in case your urine becomes concentrated which crystallizes the minerals and makes them bond together. The most common causes of kidney stones are lifestyle, food habits, obesity, certain health conditions, supplements and medicines.

When detected early, kidney stones do not cause any severe damage to your health. However, passing the stones could be a very painful affair. Usually pain medication and sufficient water intake are recommended to pass the stones. However, doctors may recommend surgery if the stones are large and causing other complications. Your doctor can also suggest preventive care for those at a high risk of getting kidney stones.

Signs and Symptoms of Kidney stones

There is usually no symptom of kidney stones at the early stage. Signs and symptoms become visible once the stones start moving inside your kidney or try to pass into one of your ureters, the tubes connecting your kidneys and the bladder.

If a stone is larger it can  hinder your urine flow. This in turn may lead to swelling of the kidney and the ureter. Both of these could be very painful and may exhibit symptoms like –

·         You may have excessive pain in the side and back and also below the ribs.

·         Your pain may spread to your lower abdomen region and groin.

·         You may also experience pain in waves which will vary in strength.

·         The pain may shift location in case the stone tries to pass through your urinary tract.

·         You may also feel pain or burning sensation during urinating.

In addition to the above, kidney stones may also have symptoms like –

·         You may notice a change of color of your urine which may appear red, pink or brown.

·         The urine may turn cloudy or have a bad smell.

·         You might feel a constant need to urinate.

·         You might urinate in a lesser quantity.

·         You might vomit or experience nausea.

·         You might also have a fever in case there is an infection.

When to see a doctor

In case you have the above mentioned symptoms, see your GP or a Urologist at the earliest. 

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