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People often overlook their emotional and mental health. They don’t give a second thought to the warning signs pointing to mental health issues and refuse to seek professional help until something serious happens in their life. This usually happens because people suffering from mental health issues don’t typically show any external symptoms. However, if you or your loved one is suffering from any mental health issues you should consult with a psychiatrist.

Although the pandemic has forced people to stay indoors, you can still consult top psychiatrists online through the DocGenie telemedicine platform. The platform provides experienced and well-qualified psychiatrists who can provide helpful consultation. Booking an online consultation with one of the psychiatrists on DocGenie is very easy.

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What Disorders Psychiatrists Can Treat?

Don’t underestimate your mental illness as its repercussions can be unbearable. You should immediately consult a psychiatrist online. A psychiatrist specializes in treating depression and other mental disorders. They are well-qualified and certified to prescribe certain medications according to your actual condition. Here are some of the common mental issues they can treat –

  • Depression – The WHO reported that there are over 200 million cases of depression across India. Even in the 21st century, there is a lack of awareness about mental health and seeking medical help for mental health is still a taboo. Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are going through depression. You should know some of the underlying symptoms like feeling alone, living in guilt all the time, and loss of appetite. Even children are not safe from depression. This mental disorder can affect anyone at any age due to certain reasons. If you feel that you may have depression, ask your psychiatrist now.
  • Anxiety – Almost everyone goes through this stage at some point. Our body naturally responds to stress. We get anxious because we want to perform better. It helps us to stay focused. However, it also does the opposite in some cases. Lack of confidence, numbness, and constant anxiety attacks are some of the common signs that vary from case to case basis. Some environmental and genetic responses can cause anxiety. Sometimes, people suffer from both depression and anxiety. In severe cases, it needs psychotherapy and medication. Your psychiatrist may also suggest some healthy lifestyle changes to manage this condition.
  • Bipolar disorder – In this condition, the patient shows up with overwhelming emotions. Sometimes, they feel highly energetic or excited. At the next moment, they feel sad and lonely. Hypomania or mania is one of the common symptoms, which includes emotional highs and lows. Your psychiatrist may recommend both psychotherapy and medications. It is very important to notice the signs early and get immediate psychiatric help.
  • Schizophrenia – It affects mostly youths and young adults. Some of the common psychotic behaviors are hallucinations, delusions, unusual motor behavior, or disorientation. Some medications and psychiatric help may help manage these problems.
  • Gender dysphoria – Sometimes people feel uncomfortable or stressed about their natural genders. They don’t want or struggle to do the roles that suit their assigned genders and they are somehow unable to accept their body. This issue is really serious. If someone in your family is going through the same problem, you should be very serious and help them get the right treatment without any judgment. A person with this condition is mentally fine. But they may be anxious or depressed due to persistent conflict in their mind between their internal and biological identity.
  • Neuro-developmental issues – A lot of children have ADHD, speech disorders, dyslexia, and autism from a very tender age. Hence, they need psychiatric help and acute care just from the beginning. Consult a psychiatrist if your child has one of these problems. Help them deal with this condition and make progress in life.
  • Other disorders – There are several other mental disorders you shouldn’t let go of without treatment. Some of the common examples are neurocognitive disorders, sleep apnea, eating disorder, personality disorders, etc. You should know the symptoms to recognize these conditions and seek immediate help.

Don’t shy away from seeking expert help if you are facing one of the above mental disorders. Don’t worry about the social stigma because there is nothing more important than your overall health. At DocGenie, you can immediately seek online consultations. We can connect you to well-qualified and experienced psychiatrists online.

Don’t Ignore Your Mental Illness. Consult Our Psychiatrists Now

Find the best psychiatrists online in Delhi at DocGenie who can address all your mental health problems like trauma, anxiety, depression, attention disorder, and other conditions. They will study symptoms and listen to your problems without judgment. Subsequently, they will recommend the right course of action after psychological tests and evaluations. You can also get prescriptions online and chat with the experts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I consult a psychiatrist online?

Our minds and body often react with one another. If you don’t have any specific health condition but your physical health is still deteriorating, you should ask your psychiatrist. Mental health disorders can cause some physical health symptoms like unusual weight loss, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

  • What is the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists?

A psychiatrist is a healthcare provider who specializes in mental disorders. He or she can only provide psychotherapy and give a prescription to the patients.

On the other hand, a psychologist studies human behavior and psychology. Mental health is just a part of his field.

  • What mental disorders can psychiatrists treat?

A psychiatrist deals in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, personality disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. They can provide psychotherapy and medications.

  •   Can I share every secret with my psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist always wants you to open up so he or she can provide the right guidance. You should tell anything that is bothering you inside. Before starting the session, they will discuss the terms properly. Usually, everything you share with them remains confidential as they do care about your privacy. However, in extreme cases, they need to protect their patients’ health by discussing it with their families.

  • What should I do when it’s my first time seeing a psychiatrist?

You must be nervous if it’s your first visit. The psychiatrist will ask you a few basic questions and you should open up to every question. Normally, they will ask you about your medical history. There is no need to hesitate to reach out to a few psychiatrists to choose the best one for you. 

  • What types of questions do they generally ask?

Usually, they ask some open-ended questions to their patients. Do the talking about what brings you to them. Share your medical history, when you are taking a particular medication, your diagnosis (if you have it), and treatments you are already getting. 

  • Where to find psychiatrists?

At DocGenie, you can seek professional help to test mental health. You can consult psychiatrists online at your home. If you are confused, you may ask your family doctor who may refer you to the best psychiatrist according to your specific mental condition.

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