How to Select the Right General Physician or Primary Care Provider

Globally and traditionally even in India general physicians or primary care provider are the first point of contact for any kind of health problem. These doctors take care of a wide range of health issues from fever, stomach problems to skin, joint and mental health issues. Moreover, they also treat patients of all ages. These doctors have a keen sense of when to refer patients to specialists and when to send them to hospitals. All general physicians are qualified to take care of any of your health problems as part of a primary intervention.

In addition to the above-mentioned issues, general physicians also deal with regular health checkups and immunizations. They advise on preventative checks and suggest lab tests. You can also take a GP appointment online for accessing quality and effective medical care from home.

General physicians for preventive care

The second phase of COVID-19 has made us aware of the importance of staying healthy by adopting preventive care. Also, well-timed diagnosis is very crucial for appropriate treatment. General physicians can help you stay on the top of your health. They can suggest proper preventive healthcare which includes regular health check-ups. 

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You can also consult a GP for Covid-19 related symptoms and queries. Book a session for general physician online consultation to know if you need to be tested for COVID-19. You can consult experienced physicians online on DocGenie to get high quality medical care and to be well informed about the best self-care tips for your health.

Getting continuous care from the same GP allows them to get to know you, your body and how you respond to various treatments better. This open and honest relationship with trust and comfort developed over time is your best support in your journey towards good health. Therefore, while looking for a primary care provider or a GP, it’s a great idea to make a well considered, informed choice. 

Here are some of the things you will need to keep in mind while selecting a primary care provider –

Personalised service

GPs are usually very busy. That said, you will need a close and comfortable relationship with a personal GP as they will be your first point of contact whenever there is a medical situation. This is all the more true if you have ongoing health needs. Hence, make sure that the doctor is ready to provide personalised service when you need it. With online healthcare it is now easy for doctors to offer guidance at your hour of need. 


Travelling to the clinic is another key consideration. If you depend on public transport, make sure that the clinic is close to a bus or train route. If you drive, keep the parking factor in mind. For those with limited mobility it is important to check availability of dedicated parking spaces, ramps and other facilities. 

Notably, with general physician online consultation you can avoid travelling to clinics and access top quality medical care from the comfort of your home. 

Opening hours

While looking for a GP, you will have to know about the visiting hours offered and check if that suits you. Some GPs offer evening hours while others only have early morning timings. Timing is an important factor in your decision. 

Online services

Find out if online consultation is available. Online doctor consultations are highly recommended today as it helps you stay at home away from the threat of catching Covid-19.  Many general physicians are now screening patients through telephone, video or online. This helps you stay safe from the virus by avoiding visits to the clinics and waiting for the doctor with fellow patients. 

Some GPs also allow patients to email their symptoms to have an idea of the afflictions before online consultation. Hence, it’s worth checking what online services the GP offers. If you are looking for online General Physicians, book an appointment on DocGenie. Our doctors offer quality advice for a host of health conditions. 

Special interests and services

Some GPs are especially adept in treating particular diseases, including, dermatology, women’s health or diabetes. This means they are armed with additional expertise about that field.

If you suffer from specific disorders like a skin disease that needs regular medical care, go for a doctor with a special interest in this area. In addition, some doctors also offer services like family planning, and minor ops – this can also be a deciding factor while selecting a primary care provider.


This is true for selecting any doctors. In case you are more at ease consulting a doctor of a certain gender, it’s worth checking out whether the doctor is of your favoured gender.


Seek suggestions from your friends and family regarding the GPs they consult. Any doctor friend or medical professional can also recommend a qualified and experienced GP with particular specialisations.

On DocGenie we have qualified general physicians who can offer quality advice on healthcare packages. Book a GP appointment online today for advice on any health related queries and timely medical care without stepping out.

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