What Are Pores and How Can I Reduce Them?

Pores are the openings on the surface of the skin that release oil and sweat. Pores particularly mean the openings at the top of hair follicles, where the body’s natural oils are released helping the skin to stay hydrated. Contrary to the common dislike for pores, they are actually beneficial and necessary for maintaining a healthy skin. 

Many of us do not know that open pores are actually good as they help our skin to breathe. They act as the corridor between the inner body and the outer environment.

Things to know before seeking solutions on how to reduce pores-

The beauty section of any departmental store is always teeming with products claiming to remove or minimise pores. However, in order to figure out how to reduce pores without damaging your skin, you first need to know the following hard facts about them – 

  • Pores are nothing but openings of hair follicles.
  • The existence and appearance of pores are genetically determined.
  • Aging, dry skin, pollution, excess oil and afflictions like acne cause loss of collagen which in turn increases pore size.
  • Pores get enlarged when they’re constantly clogged. 

Before you start addressing the issue of open pores, it is important to know that it is not possible to get rid of pores permanently. That said, it is possible to take steps in order to keep your open pores healthy and diminish the severity of their appearance.

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Must have ingredients for pore-addressing products –

While researching on how to reduce pores you must learn about the main ingredients a pore reducing product must have. Dermatologists consider Retinoids as the most effective ingredient as it increases cellular turnover while vitalising collagen production. Better cellular turnover exfoliates dead skin cells along with oil and dirt. Collagen on the other hand gives firmness to your skin, thus diminishing the appearance of pores.

Another great ingredient for treating large pores is glycolic acid. The acid has magical powers in dissolving dead cells and absorbing oil. Lactic acid, the lesser potent one to glycolic, comes next in the list, but is almost equally useful in treatment of pores.

Consider these smart tips for minimising pores-

Cleansing comes first

To reduce the appearance of pores, regular cleansing (twice a day) works best. Cleansing helps in removing makeup, oil and other dirt and gunk from your skin, this in turn clears clogged pores. However, excessive cleansing often causes the pores to generate extra oil. 

If you are going out regularly, night time cleansing is a must as your skin will be covered with makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day. It is essential to cleanse all that before you go to bed.

Using sunscreens (usually one with SPF 30 or higher) all the year round is another great way to reduce pores. This is because the sun burns breaks down your collagen, causing saggy pores. 

Also it is better not to touch the face, unless you are washing, cleansing or applying cream. Your hands are not free of germs and while in contact with your face the germs can make their way inside through the pores. Wash your hands before embarking on a skin care routine.

If you are tired of using the regular pore treating products, you can try a skin clarifying face serum.

And picking at clogged pores is an absolute no!! It can lead to grave consequences including an ugly looking mark, bleeding, scabbing, even a permanent scar.

Exfoliation is a must

A very effective way is exfoliation, which helps you get rid of your dead skin cells while unclogging your pores. A careful and gentle exfoliation, once a week, is enough to see results.

Another caution that you should maintain is in selecting your beauty products. Always opt for products that go with your skin type and are non-comedogenic – which do not block pores. Be extra vigilant while applying such products on your face. It is always best to follow a specialist’s recommendations when it comes to products for addressing pores.

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Think of chemical peels 

Chemical peels are also very popular nowadays. They do away with the outer broken layers of your skin with an acidic solution and enhance the skin’s appearance. Though they too cannot reduce the pore size, they can always make them less conspicuous. You can do your chemical peeling sitting at your home, without paying a visit to the dermatologist’s clinic. 

Use clay mask 

Another wonder remedy is clay mask. It is extremely efficient in reducing pores as it unblocks clogged pores by wicking oil away from your face. Oil accumulation makes pore appear many times larger and clearing it out is a must. 

Stay away from oil-based creams but oil-based cleansers are fine

Any oil or oil-based cream, be it coconut or olive, is the greatest undoing for clogged pores. And before you ask, yes for dry skin as well!! Heavy oils blend with dead skin cells and choke the openings. Avoid them by all means and go for water-based solutions. 

That said, oil-containing cleansers are just fine though! Interestingly, your facial oil will dissolve better in oil than in water. If you have an oily skin, opt for cleansing milk. If your skin type is dry, go for a balm kind of product which will hydrate the skin while cleaning pores. 

Taking the advice of an expert on the best pore-minimizing product is always recommended and is the best thing to do.

When it comes to pores, another very crucial thing to understand is that, often the pores as you see them – gaping holes – appear as normal skin to others. Now that you are an expert on, how to reduce pores, you must not get paranoid about them!! 

Take the logical route and follow the above steps which yield good results. This will go a long way in doing away with your spots and pimples and giving you clear, healthy skin!!

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